Zbrush-Photoshop Interop

A little plugin to send color, displacements, materials and groups between photoshop and Zbrush quickly and without much wait. Other than Zapplink this uses Photoshop as your Hub and Zbrush as “the other” tool :slight_smile:

Comprehensive Video Docs here:
(I am not allowed to link to more than one youtube video here , so just the quick basic intro below:()


Known Issues:

  • certain commands in the plugin cause your active layer record mode to be turned off. If you want to continue sculpting, a popup will appear informing you that your do not have a layer in record mode. In that case please go to your layer subpalette and turn a layer into record mode

Big thanks to Marcus for helping me through the pitfalls of the layer system.



Very nice!

Hope you release this for mac also !

Thanks :+1:

Hi campi,

Many thanks for sharing this, look’s great! :+1: