ZBrush on iPad Pro?

With the announcement of the new phablet and especially the new “pencil”, is there a chance for ZBrush on iOS now?

that would be really cool , but don’t think it could handle the software though :frowning:

I’m wondering how long it will take to get that screen and pen technology into the MacBook Pro etc.

I would love to see an ios version of ZBrush though.

There is always a chance … if you remain an optimist :wink:

If Pixologic were ever to release anything on iOS I would expect it to be somewhere between Sculptris and ZBrush in capability. There is a reason you do not see super complex apps on iOS or Android. The price tag would be too high for most users and the investment would be to large for a very uncertain return. That is with an install base of a couple hundred million tablets, now imagine developing mainly for the iPad Pro with an install base of zero.

I just don’t see it happening right now, at least not to the high level of sculpting capabilities that some people would like. But what do I know.

I know I am pretty excited about the iPad Pro, especially after reading some of the early impressions about the lag, or rather lack of, when using the Apple Pencil. I’ll have to try it myself before selling my third kidney (we have those, right?).

There is always AstroPad for Mac that can mirror a portion or the full screen (I think) to an iPad and accept styli input on the iPad and send it back to the Mac. The performance is supposedly good but I have not tried it.

With Air Display (in the AppStore for small money) you can use your iPad as an extra Monitor. Already great, but better: touch work and you can sculpt on Zbrush on your iPad.
Leave your office chair and go working on the couch :slight_smile:

Cool idea. Maybe give it 10 more years and an app like that will be implemented. Even a small game drains all of my battery, let alone a software like zbrush lol.

I hope they don’t waste time with a iZbrush. Zbrush works great on PCs and Macs. It also works great on the MS Surface. Just like a tablet and pen, I’d recommend people get the appropriate hardware to use Zbrush. I’d rather see ZB5 than developers waste their time with a half-baked “pro” (aka more expensive) version of their ipad. One day Apple will catch up with Microsoft and the others to release a fully fledged OSX tablet. I think it’s about 3 years away, when they merge iOS and OSX (ios9… OS10… merged… it’s apparent).