ZBrush now on Twitter!!!

In addition to our ZBlog, which provides you with the latest news about ZBrush content, interviews and announcements, you can now follow us on Twitter!

You will now have real time “best news” dedicated to the ZBrush universe and direct links to the best content. Short, but straight to the information you need to know about ZBrush!


Is this official , I thought someone used a rss feed to update the pixologic twitter account ,If it is real then nice to see pixologic in twitter , hope there are frequent updates :smiley: .

No it’s official and it’s not a RSS feed which fill the account, but real humans which post new messages (well, I’m a humain I think :slight_smile:

lol ,


Will be watching you guys :sunglasses:

Yeah we totally needed this <img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif”> ^^

You need to use the attachement system of the forum :slight_smile:

Its not my fault the forums emoticons are bugged.
I just pressed the rolleyes smiley and it gives me this url :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear what you guys are up to in 140 words or less Thomas. :wink:

Wow those twitter hints are invaluable… didn;t know this one:
is now redundant. Instead, use

Great that pixologic is now catering towards the ADD …
wait… an email

lemonnado: I’m sorry, what do you mean?

one of the more recent links on the pixologic twitter acct points to a bad URL. in other words, at the speed twitter moves his comment will be irrelevant within hours :slight_smile:

either way- it’s about time! i’m following <img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif”>

edit: now somebody needs to fix the forum smiles, or get rid of them… they’ve been broken for a long time now heh

Meh, can’t stand twitter.

dear totyo,

you confuse me. I thought all Pix employees are based in California? However i read Bordeaux there?

Anyway good luck with twitter. No bad idea, but i must admit, with the current info policy at pixologic its a bit hard to see a value in following it.

Erklaerbar: yes, I’m in Bordeaux, France. We have an office here :slight_smile:
And for Twitter, I’m posting several information that you won’t find here at ZBC or on the ZBlog. But you are free to follow us or not :slight_smile:

Following you now.

you lead the way i follow. :wink:

Just found out and started following

I thought someone used a rss feed to update the physiologic twitter account

No, it’s a human (me in fact) who is feeding tweeter. That’s why the content is not always the same than the ZBlog or FaceBook or Google+ and also why you have some support replies or answers to questions sometimes!

That sounds good!