zbrush machining project


Been working with zbrush for a while, but without much in the way of discipline. Truly envy most of you in this forum for your mesh modeling skills. I hope with continued practice, and much more effort, that I can become good too.

I modeled a skull in zbrush using dynmesh, then duplicated and merged 4 together. I exported an OBJ, and was able to import the file into Rhino 3D, in order to get some toolpaths for my machine.

The wood used is cherry (about 7.5 board-feet). Most of it was turned into sawdust, but that which remained is kind of nice! Because I was using a 1/2" ball mill that is 4 inches long, I had to slow down the machine. Otherwise, serious vibrations occur, as the bit flexes and grabs more wood. This Gcode took about 6 hours to run.1skulls.jpg2rhinolayout.jpg3roughingpath.jpg4finishpath.jpg5roughingsimulate.jpg 6machine1.jpg
More to follow.







more pics.7machine2.jpg8machine3.jpg9machine4.jpg10final1.jpg11final2.jpg12final3.jpg








Sweet. How many axis is your machine? It’s larger than the desktop CNC mill I ordered. I don’t have Rhino, I do have ReplicatorG which may work with the mill as well as the 3D printer that’s on order. I may have to edit an .xml file in order to tell it what’s what. Also have HeeksCAD. Maybe between the two I’ll be able to get output half as good.

Looks interesting :+1:

Machine is a diy, 3-axis machine. Had the frame made in taiwan, and ordered the rest of the components from dealers. Fun way to spend a year of your life… I should have just bought one.

I used to use a 3 and 4 axis CNC to tool my sculpt prototypes when i worked for a small Toy company. i would sculpting in Zbrush (or clay/wax and scan then clean up in zbrush) and run the files threw Visual CAM from mecsoft to tool it out of ureathane or acetol . you can get a free copy of freemill from mecsoft and it reads obj, or stl

now i just run my stuff from zbrush to freeform/geomagic and then rp it

This is an awesome piece. Do you have this in an stl file for sale?