ZBrush/Lightwave CGTalk entry

Very inspired by Antrpus’s post about his CGTalk entry I decided I’ll post mine as more and more of it is being done with ZBrush


I called it S.A.B.R.E and I hope Lonnie doesn’t sue me as I just remembered his last critter was called something similar.


The bulk of the mechanical parts have been done in Lightwave but all the organics and texturing is/will be ZBrush.

One of the concept sketches.






OMG Glem this is awesome!
Nothing more to say really except for keep it coming! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Incredible work Glen!
This not only a creature, but an enginery work.
in which step you use z brush in your workflw?

Cool stuff! I really like the concept! I also reconise the “inspirated by Anthropus” :wink: [I also join the Machinefleshcontest, and was also convinced after seeing Anthropus’ work :wink: ].

I gues you’ve used ZBrush just for the organic parts?

Awesome job! :slight_smile:

[my showthreed here of mý submission :wink:]

Hi Glen
Maybe you can put on each side one “Sabretache” (french word) :smiley:
But maybe it’s not the style of the beast :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Of course crazzy work! :cool:
Ps Dutch : Glen said “Lightwave for the bulk” and Silo for some mechanical piece as I seen on the Cgtalk link :slight_smile:

Beautiful and inspiring work as always Glen! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. :smiley:


Impressive work Glen. You are definitely an inspiration to me! I’ll have to look into the challenge there and see who else is involved.

Thanks for sharing.

:+1: Great Design!
:+1: The Machine arms (?) are well designed

nice to see the workflow from concept to final.

Seriously cool work! Thanks for posting :smiley:

Oh me aching eyeballs! What a visual banquet! Yum, Yum, yummmy :+1: :+1: :+1:

Intellectually, you know tremendous creative power is available - but to see someone seriously put it to use is a major inspiration!

Thanks so much :smiley:

God damn that is a fantastic model, the concept art is a plus when seeing someones workflow. Cant wait to see your next model :slight_smile:

Concept drawings alone, fantastic.
Nothing to add except sincere admiration.

Concept excellent- 5th image (of model) what words can describe it- WOW :grimacing:
:+1: @?!! :+1: %@! :+1: ?+* :+1: %#@ :+1:

;)Yep like the widescreen image of the model

BTW like the montage images of your model

I die… :eek:

Wow! fantastic work Glen. A GREAT DESIGN and as always: the perfect modeling and texture!

We want to see more! :smiley:


I hope this is not a photo of real creatures…
Please Southern, kill it.


I don’t see why you guy’s don’t enter all of these contests. I think you’d win most of them.

It’s awesome G! :+1: (I’ve been waiting to say use that)

The only thing that I can add isn’t actually a crit, it’s more of an observation. That shell thing on the back is a magnet. It draws attention away from the rest of your project.
I don’t know if anybody else sees this. It could just be me.

Man I didn’t mean to put a cork in this thread with that statement. Come back. :slight_smile: I was pulling for you to win. :smiley: