Zbrush License for sale

Hi, I’m selling my Zbrush single user perpetual license. It is a PC license.

I am offering the license for sale for £550.

I have been in touch with Pixologic and I am following the official procedure for resale whereby I pay the $49 administration fee to have the license transferred to the new user, so whoever buys this is getting a new license.

I am open to offers, so please get in touch if you are interested.


Hi! I’m interested in purchasing this, but I’m not sure how to direct message you on here.

Hi Heebee, yeah I can’t figure it out either! Where are you based? The license can only be transferred within the EU.


Ah, I’m based in California. I was under the assumption EU users could resell to anyone, but were the only ones that could resell at all, but I guess I’m wrong there.

Hmmm, OK let me look into that, I’ll email support and check it out.

Yeah, that sounds good to me. I’ll check back for an answer, or you can email me at rose.marie.barry@gmail.com