Zbrush layers turns model black

When I sculpt with layers in zbrush it turns the model black. I am sculpting a base mesh with dynamic divisions on which I think is causing the issue. I know this is a long standing issue within zbrush. It would be great if the layer system didn’t autofill a mesh black while sculpting with layers and divisions/dynamic sub-d. Or to keep polypaint off without it auto turning on upon new layer creation or reactivating layer recording.

Are you using the most up to date version of Zbrush? There was an issue with layers fixed in 2020.1:

I think I am missing the update. Does it also fix the issue of polypaint turning back on when recording and stopping recording on layers?

If you still experience an ongoing and repeatable issue while using the most up to date version of Zbrush, it needs to be reported to Pixologic Support via ticket. You should upgrade before doing this as obsolete versions are not supported.