ZBrush Interview: RYSE Son of Rome (Crytek and Platige Image)

It’s time for a double feature!

Today’s interview is a joint affair between Crytek (who developed Ryse: Son of Rome) and Platige Image (who provided its cut scene cinematics). This gave us a rare opportunity to not just go behind the scenes with the company that brought us the incredibly powerful CryENGINE platform but also to learn more about their collaborative process.


<iframe height=“1100” src=“http://pixologic.com/interview/ryse-son-of-rome/1/” frameborder=“0” width=“1034”></iframe>

You may read the full interview in the frame above.
You may also view the page without frames: CLICK HERE.

Please join us in thanking the many artists from both Crytek and Platige Image for sharing their thoughts and artwork! Feel free to also post questions that you might have. We’re told that they’ll be checking in here and look forward to talking with you!

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trabalho incrível

The interview explains the art style (the mention of art-deco mainly). Before I read the interview I was in a bit confused on how Crytek handled the Roman armors, I’ve seen them up close and they are not like that, so at least I got that from the interview.

I still don’t know if it was for consistency and speed or simply an artistic decision. I’m guessing all three, that’s how it usually is.

The rest is coll as usual, but not really ground-breaking. Excellent work by both studios of course. I would like to see some wip and/or interview with the environment guys.

so wonderful . I love artist with these photos, so great :stuck_out_tongue: