ZBrush Interview: Killzone 3


Bring on the big guns!

Just a few days ago, Guerrilla Games released its newest and highly anticipated installment in the Killzone series. Developed for the PlayStation 3, this first-person shooter features eye-popping visuals that have resulted in the game being described by IGN as, "easily one of the best looking games on any current platform, and makes war-torn worlds look beautiful.”

The ZBrush artists at Guerrilla Games have been excited to share their work with the community at the earliest opportunity! We spoke with Senior Character Artist Rudy Massar along with Art and Animation Director Jan-Bart van Beek, who share great info about their work on this game. They also share enough ZBrush screens and high-resolution artwork to trigger an international incident. (We’re kidding here. Mostly!)

If you’re a fan of the Killzone series you’re going to love this interview. But even if you haven’t been following the game, ZBrush enthusiasts everywhere are sure to find something of note!

Click HERE for the Interview

Here’s a sampler of the many images that you’ll find. You can view them in high resolution from the interview pages.


Many thanks to Rudy and Jan-Bart! We are so appreciative of the time and effort you put into getting this interview ready, even while the game was in its final phases of development. (Also known as “crunch time”.)

Pixologic would also like to extend our thanks to Guerrilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment for having consented to sharing this interview with the ZBrush community.

Use this thread to discuss the interview!

Be sure to also check out our many past interviews, which can be found in the ZBrush Artist Interviews forum and the User Stories page at the Pixologic website.








Wow - Been seeing some incredible work posted here on ZBC lately but these are absolutely phenomenal! Makes me feel like I need to start pushing myself to be a better modeler…
Great Job Guerrilla Games… You guys/girls should be wicked proud of the quality you all delivered in KILLZONE 3!

Great character work from these guys. I was surprised to hear they don’t make more use of Zbrush for environment and asset work.

I’d be interested to hear how they make sure the proportions are correct for models that are supposed to share rigs or if each character gets its own rig and they just do accessory/texture swaps on some of them.

Inspiring work and great game!
Thanks for sharing!

Great interview - thanks for posting guys! Kudos to the Guerilla team on this awesome series :sunglasses: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Excellent interview!

This is extremely inspiring. All I had to get hooked on this series was play the Killzone 2 Demo. I love seeing how my favourite games were made. The entire look of the game is amazing and I cannot wait to see more great designs in Killzone 3. It’s making me raise the bar in my own work.

Love the game, love the art style, love the interview!!! Thanks!

Fantastic interview! It was very inspiring, and like Insane_Joker said I love seeing my favorite games broken down and the process behind creating them.

Great stuff! :smiley:

Super Fantastic…So inspiring! Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot guys for your kind words. I’m truly flattered to hear you get inspired by our work. It’s nice to hear that there are some fans of our game here as well.
We’re definitely looking at the possibility to make more use of ZBrush in future projects; version 4 got some really cool new features we definitely need to explore further.
Droma We simply use a template model in ZBrush that fits our skeleton. As for the accessories we use to make variants, they get attached to a skin point on the game character. Our Set-up Artist then creates different entity files defining these variants. He also wrote a quite extensive toolset to handle complex skinning tasks, so I’m giving you the simplest answer I can come up with.

great interview! When can I expect the new Ballistic book to be in store? :smiley:

Hello Rudymassar,
Congratulations for your newly released game and interview ! Great to see you evolving so good in your zbrush skills :slight_smile:
Cheers !

Killzone always will be reference to a good FPS game with Hightech weapons and history this show a great deal that developers and artist can do!

Great Guerilla and of course PIXOLOGIC!

@rudymassar Thanks for the answer. I know any more detailed explanation would turn into a much longer discussion that you probably don’t have time for lol. Game looks great though hope to hear what your guys next project is soon.

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