ZBrush Interview: Gil Bruvel


Today we are pleased to bring you a different sort of interview – one with the acclaimed sculptor and painter Gil Bruvel. Rather than focusing heavily on the use of ZBrush like we typically do, this interview is a more intimate conversation with an artist that continuously expands his artistic horizons. In the process, he has taken digital art into the real world in a way that’s both spectacular and intriguing.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Please join us in thanking Gil for sharing his perspective with the community!

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Gil was on the front edge of innovation when I first met him in Maui 20 years ago when he was putting his surreal paintings into digital form using Alias modeling tools at the time I believe. He was an inspiration to my own 3d work with his intense creative drive. It’s good to see that he hasn’t lost that edge and continues to straddle both traditional and digital art like a circus performer driving a two horse wagon with a foot on each crazed stallion.

great story … excellent artist

Anyone have information of the technique used to go from Zbrush to life size iron/steel/whatever cast sculpture ?

Beautiful sculptures!)

Awesome thanks for that interview.

Carsten, It’s a costly process that can be done a myriad of ways. Get in touch with your local foundry and find out what they need from you. Get in touch with your local CNC mill with a 5 axis and have them take a look at your model. Expect to spend a lot of time hand-finishing your milled piece.

Very intresting for me - excellent artist.

Great guy. Nice work.

His work is stunning.