ZBrush Interview: Frederik Storm


It’s time for another interview!

Expanding on our User Stories featuring how and why artists and companies are using ZBrush in their creative workflow, this interview focuses on a young artist’s personal journey into the world of ZBrush.

Nineteen years old at the time, Frederik Storm caught our eye from the moment he first presented artwork at ZBrushCentral. We were captivated by his enthusiasm, raw talent and very unique style, to say nothing of such artistic proficiency coming from someone so young!

Frederik became a beta tester for ZBrush 4 and is now attending the Animation Workshop school (Animwork) in Denmark, expanding his art skills to the next level.

In this interview, Frederik talks about his techniques for getting a concept off the ground, hard surface sculpting and how he achieves great results with the new Best Preview Render mode in ZBrush 4.

We hope you enjoy this foray into the creative mind of a young, up and coming artist who represents the future of the industry!

Click HERE for the Interview

Here’s a sampler of the many images that you’ll find. You can view them in high resolution from the interview pages.




Many thanks to Frederik! His time spent answering our questions – as well as serving as a ZBrush 4 beta tester – is very much appreciated. Here’s hoping we see a lot more from him in the future!

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Another amazing interview… Thank you so much for the insightful and cool stuff!

Thank you!

Great interview :+1: Thank you very much!

Congratz on the interview Frederik!!! Good to see all your nicely displayed like this, cheers mate.

Great interview! Man, those crazy characters are so much fun-> by the time you finish your education, you’ll have a critter army :+1:

congratulations on the interview Frederik!:wink:

Congrats on the interview.
Frederik has been one of my favorite zbrush artists. When I read the part about him being a huge fan of Crash Bandicoot and Naughty Dog I burst in laughter. I went through an EXACT SAME phase of printing Crash Bandicoot concept sketches and renders from the old Naughty Dog site and taping them on the walls of my room a few years back.

Its About Time!!..welldone!!!

great style ! well deserve !!!

keep it up :+1:

heeey! kid… (ha ha…)

congrats on the fine interview. it was a pleasure meeting you and i hope we can work together again soon.
have fune, dude and keep spitting out those fantastic critters.


My favorite interview so far. Awesome stuff Frederik! Love your attitude and your whole approach to 3D. Thanks for the inspiration man.

Good reading,and congrats Feredrick :+1:

Nice one Frederik! congrats with the interview, and all of the great work :smiley:

Hvor svedigt, Frede!! Tillykke med det :)!!

Thanks for all the kind words, I’m really glad you like the interview :wink:
And thanks to Pixologic for putting up my ramblings, hehe :wink:

@highway star
Haha, awesome man, glad to hear I’m not alone :smiley:

Hey buddy!
Thanks a ton man, and huge pleasure to work with you as well, lets hope it won’t be to long! :wink:

Once again thanks a ton guys :smiley:

haha, tusinde tak Jakob :wink:

Amazing work, Frederik! Congrats!

Hehe Etcher. I just pictured all the creatures lined up for battle. What a weird mix :slight_smile: Great interview and well deserved. We have enjoyed your sculpts for a long time now and I remember how you really pushed the new z4 features back in the beta days. I enjoyed the read and I like your attitude, humble and professional.