ZBrush Interview: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Sweet interview! I’ve been meaning to buy the game as soon as I can its looks amazingly fun! :+1: :+1:

Was hoping you’d interview the Deus Ex team! Inspiring work. Amazing design and great execution.


The trailer was done by Visual Works, subsidiary of Square-Enix Japan. Would be great to have interviews by them too :slight_smile:

cant wait to play this game. I love the art work :smiley:

Cheers Nera

just played for like 7-8 hours straight… i love this game… love just taking my sweet time exploring every corner and little detail…

Very nice interview, not like the others (others are cool, but this one is different), when I read it I feel that Eidos Montreal is really young and motivated team. I’d like to think - they are close to us here :roll_eyes:

The game is very cool for me, may be the engine is a bit old, but models, design, this warm light - just brilliant. I’ll put this game near SC:Conviction. :+1:

the funny thing is i dont think the engine is old. i think they actually created it for this game… and all of the issues most people seem to have with the gfx (which i dont really share) were more design decisions then model deficiencies. from the interview Seb made it a point of noting that they tried going for the uber realism on the models but it didnt fit with the world they were making. Doing things the way they did allowed thto create much more diversity within the game while using only one texture set per enemy type… just using layered bits of the design so that one soldier gets arm pads one gets a different helmet… etc etc.

personally i think the game design works because the entire game seems like it exists within the same universe. nothing seems to be out of place in terms of design to me. and with a game with as many microscopic details in it as this one you really cant have everything be flawlessly realistic or you’re gonna be taking up 4 discs instead of 1. as far as the rest of the engine goes though… once you his Hengsha in the game and get to the Hive nightclub, you honestly cannot tell me of another game that pulls off as well the amazing live rendered lighting that this game uses on the front vidoe wall of the club. and that’s just one building. later on when you’re going through the laser gridded server at tai yong medical, and you can see every single individual laser beam in the entire room (something like 80 seperate beams) … all moving at the same time. its crazyness. but it’s puposeful too. you can plan out your attack of the entire room just by observing ALL of these lasers at the same time and knowing exactly where you can move and you cant.

most games like this you go a few in game meters at a time and decide your course of action… deus ex you really gotta plan it out well before going anywhere and all the little deisgn cues of the game make that possible

hoping to finish my first playthrough today :wink:

I like the insight the interview gives us on the process, and considering the restrictions that were in place, and the “hacks” that had to be made, it also explains why the visuals are so uneven in places. Overall it was a great experience playing the game (I spent 30 hours or so in it), and by the look of things, the team pulled off a herculean feat :slight_smile: Congrats on delivering!

just finished last night with my 1st playthrough clocking in at about 30 hours of time extremely well spent :slight_smile: … great job again guys

Congrats on a great game Seb and the team. I love the fact that the characters are detailed but not overdone - there’s just enough there.


You mention that you use Projection Master a lot.
Projection Master can give us a false feedback regarding the model resolution as it affects the pixols and then projects the result to the geometry. In order to keep the detail do you use highly subdivided geometry to capture the projected detail? Or do you consider that you are working at subpixel level and whatever the mesh resolution gets is fine?


you know what I dont know what I am putting off playing this game for… now after reading all this I am surely going to rent it right away and if its half as good as EVERYONE says I will buy it on PC
great work here :+1:

Fantastic talent. Great job.

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Excellent, atmospheric continuation of the DeusEx universe.
Thanks for game)

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I just bought Deus Ex Human Revolution, Deluxe Edition, at the App Store for ten bucks. ($9.99). :smiley:

A good game with lots of unique features, and a great look.