zbrush interface fix


when i run R8, it always starts up with a scale and position that does not fit my monitor size, and there is a white frame on the corners. And if i double click on the restore button the interface fit correct. Is there a way to make some script or macro to fix this?

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You only have to put zbrush in the position you want, in this case maximized, and go to Preferences -> Config -> Store Config. That should save it for the next time you load it.

This was the first thing that i try … but it not work

The only way is to edit the startup script to make double click on : Click to restore previous size and position

I try to add the code to startup script : [IPress,Restore
Click to restore previous size and position]

But it not work

Try editing the DefaultZScript.txt (located in the ZBrush 4R8\ZScripts folder) like this:


[IPress,“Zplugin:Misc Utilities:Home Page”]
[IPress,“Zplugin:Misc Utilities:Home Page”]


If that doesn’t work then try putting another [IClick,Restore] immediately after the first.

Thanks Master Marcus !!! it work perfect

:+1: Great!

hey Marcus
just one more thing . I can’'t find a option to hide this insert mesh pallet , maybe i can edit again the DefaultZScript.txt ?

Thanks !


  1. Select the Standard Brush in the brush palette.
  2. In Preferences>Interface>IMM Viewer turn off the Auto Show/Hide button and store the configuration (Shift+Ctrl+i).

Great Thanks Marcus!