zbrush in my VFX works

I work since 2 years at ScanlineVFX in Munich. I like to share some of the shot I had the chance to work on. I am a generalist, but at Scanline my responability is mostly modeling.
The first Show was Jim Button and Luke the engine driver.
The main Asset for me was the Ship of the chinese emperor. I used Zbrush for the smaller details and the wooden carving on the side.

This small Island (not the huge one in the background, that was my friend Josh Teleki), was also done in ZBrush.

and for this shot I sculpted the snow patches in Zbrush and created Digital Doubles of the main Actors for this shot (not very detailed, the were mostly deep in the motion blur).
Sculpting snow was really fun.

I try to collect my zbrush work in this Thread, so I will update it from time to time.
Here is also my Artstation page for Jim Button:

Thanks for watching. And have a nice day!

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