ZBrush Helmet Design NEW! Project Files Added!

[FONT=arial]ZBRUSH HELMET DESIGN with Joseph Drust

With the recent success of this thread, we have had requests for the project files pertaining to these lessons. We are pleased to inform you that we now provide all of the project files necessary for you to create your own mech helmet with ZBRUSH, including
alphas, brushes, reference, and scan data!

Head over to ZCLASSROOM to download!

This video series has been formulated to provide you with focused, and easily digestible content with one purpose in mind, to create a futuristic helmet with ZBrush. Joseph Drust will take you through each phase of the design process, including Reference, Base Meshes, Procedural Processes, Sculpting, Hard Surface Detailing, and final surface detailing.

Get Started with your lessons, and prepare to be wowed!


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Awesome :smiley: thank you guys !

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This is “I’d pay good money to have this tutorial” cool!

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[FONT=arial]Joseph Drust! You gotta gimme those parts man! Dont be teasing me with a teaser! A helmet aficionado such as myself was rapidly deflated by the fluff. Looks so sweet it has my mouth drooling then you blue balled me! Love you Drudst!

Awesome! Can’t wait for the rest! Thank you Joseph!

Awesome vids, Joe! Big thanks!:+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:

Thanks so much for the videos! can’t wait to dig in.

Amazing! Can’t wait, thanks Joseph and everyone at Pixologic! Full of style

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AWESOME work JD! These look SIIIIICK!

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Fantastic work Joseph :slight_smile: thanks so much for posting this :slight_smile:

Is this helmet included with the next upgrade?

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