Zbrush Hardsurface Techniques [video tutorial page 1]

Hey guys I’ve made a tutorial for the creation of this ugv’s leg system:


Taking inspiration from the boston dynamics big dog/wild cat designs! I cover pretty much my whole hardsurface workflow in zbrush alone. The full tutorial is available on youtube via the link below and I’ll update with a link when I figure out where to host the file so you can download it for free as well!

I’m willing to make more in depth tutorials if anyone else needs anything or my video isn’t covering something you want to know / don’t understand!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on here or via my facebook.

thanks for your time!



This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the video, it’s tremendously appreciated.


Thanks for this video and all the other tutorials and info you share very kind of you

Putting this on now as I work on my mech! thanks for sharing your brains!

Great work, and nice tutorial.

Thanks so much guys I really appreciate the kind words. I’ve had a few requests so I’ll be making a few videos for beginners as well how to do all of this in real time and all the shortcuts required!

great video I would love for you to do a tutorial just on dynamesh, again thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to prepare this :slight_smile:
Learned a lot from it.

Thank you very much for the video.:+1:

Awesome tutorial! :+1:

Great tutorial!!! Thanks!!

I’m just learning zBrush, but my impression is that it could be used for detailed hard surface modeling.

Your video certainly re-enforces that opinion.

I posted a suggestion to that effect on the Houdini forum when a user didn’t like modeling with polys, and another user posted an image of what looks like the back of a laptop and stated “Hmm, idunno. A lot of the hard surface stuff I’ve seen from sculpting apps looks like it suffers to some degree from blobs-with-creases syndrome.”


Would the laptop still be in the realm of what could best be done in zBrush?

Other than architectural, I’m wondering exactly where to make the divide between modeling in polys and modeling in zBrush?

BTW - hope to see more tutorials from you. Wow, I’ve got a lot to learn. Thanks again!

Priceless video… Thanks for your effort, you are helping a lot of people here!.. I encourage you to do more!..

Firstly thank-you so much for your kind words and support. To answer your question, I use Zbrush for quick concepting as it is the fastest tool for me! At the end of the day I could definitively state which application is best for who and what. It’s my personal preference to use Zbrush for hardsurface because of how fast and efficiently I can produce work. Making the divide between modelling in polys and in zbrush is a really have thing to comment on because of the variables involved such as what the model is going to be used for and what not. At the end of the day it’s up to the user to make an informed decision after weighing the variables for each project and deciding which is better. I hope this response helps!

I’d also like to thank everybody else for their support it means a lot!

There was a pdf mentioned in the video, possibly to be included later? Did I miss the pdf location? Thanks!

Sorry I totally forgot to include it! here you go:

Great tut, thank you!

Great big ol’ thanks for this! Now I can really speed up my hard surface work. Whee!

That’s brilliant - many many thanks :slight_smile:


I know this is old but anyone know where i might get this tutorial?