Zbrush Full Mechanical Tutorial Announcement


So after making a few hard surface models in Zbrush , i decided to make a tutorial for you guys.In this tutorial i will create this model below.Right now i have the legs finished , not detailed but done.I will move up to the torso and the rest of it.When it’s finished i will share this with you guys.I will make a you tube video of the finished model , and there i will answer every questions , but also on deviant art and cg-hub.The tutorial will probably be over 2 hours and thats why i will provide the download link as well.I made a quick render in keyshot.

Well here or the legs and till then.




Nice! Looking forward to it!

Cant wait! Thanks in advance! :smiley:

all the best, David

This will be one to follow, Tutorials are always appreciated!

Thank you for this! I will be looking forward to it. Sharing knowledge has definitely been a trademark of ZBC users over the years :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it , i’m very excited to share this with you.

no problem , I cant wait to finish this thing.But i cant rush it either.:lol:

i’m:D very excited to share this.Thank you.

No problem , I just joined but i will definitely visit more forums on this website it’s great. i’m glad you liked it.:smiley: