ZBrush files in public user folder temporary?

I found some Gigabytes of files generated by ZBrush , They all have the same filename: 1000Fileaaabaaaa.mem , but are different in file size, in a Users/Public/Public Documents/ZBrushdata2022/VMemJIOPJJM folder ( In Windows 10). Can these files be deleted safely?

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Hello @zzeebee,

These are temporary virtual memory files and can be deleted safely as long as ZBrush is not running. However, they are a normal part of ZBrush operation and will be replaced by other similar files the next time ZBrush needs to write to virtual mem.

This is one of the main reasons that 100GB of free space is recommended for the drive where ZBrush has its scratch disk installed.


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Thanks @Spyndel !