Zbrush demo is out and I'm loving it .

Zbrush demo is out and I’m loving it ,I’ve always wanted Zbrush but couldn’t afford it .Well, over the Thanksgiving holidays I’ve been watching a lot of zbrush tutorials on navigation and just basically learning what i can for this time limit demo.
I have been using sculptris for about six years. And using KeyShot for 3 years.
My Sculptris works

When I sculpt in Sculptris 1st make a head shape add 2 spheres for eyes and add a set of teeth like dentures
Zbrush questions Is there a way to separate objects to make them individual objects kinda like moving the lower set of teeth But I guess I should make the set of teeth as a tool.

I was also wondering does zbrush demo work with the KeyShot bridge demo?

Thank You for the demo Pixologic




When using Sculptris GOZ send the model to Zbrush ,then i use ZRemesher is this right way ?
I crash remeshing this one

This one worked


Slowly learning

Love the demo

loving this

Well the demo ends on the 3th enjoyed it very much.


Someone gift this man a copy of ZBrush! lol

Nice demo, man. Got a lot of mileage out of that trial basis. :slight_smile:

Thanks Macromanjr a lot of work was from sculptris goz and used zmesher . I would love to have zbrush but at this time can’t afford it.