ZBrush Core: How to import meshes to show as subtools?

hello there,

I wonder how meshes must be exported, so they show up as subtools in ZB?

What I mean is, I am planning to use Keyshot and I need to have different materials assigned to a model. And the only way I´ve found atm is to have a subtool for each material i want to use.

So I need to spilt up a single mesh into many. But tool importer only let me import one subtool at a time. So I ask, is there a better way to import many meshes as substools?


Hello @Kayess

Select the polymesh3d star as an import target, and import your mesh via the Tool> Import function. Then append the newly imported mesh to the target subtools with the Subtool> Append function. The full version of ZBrush has tools for automating this process in the case of multiple meshes.

You may also want to check out the Render> Groups by Material option. If you paint each section of your mesh with a different material using the Color> Fill object command with M or MRGB selected, using masking or partial mesh visibility to control which polygons are painted, each of those sections will import into Keyshot as a different material group.

Good luck!