ZBrush Challenges Forum Guidelines - Please read before posting.

Welcome to the ZBrush Challenges Forum!

This forum is meant for posting challenges on a variety of ZBrush topics, and for sharing work that is being done for those challenges. The Monday Night Challenges are a good example of these types of posts.

Some of these challenges will occasionally be compiled to form a gallery. If you participate in such a challenge and would like to have your final image included in the gallery, please insert the following into your post after the image: [gallery entry]

All challenges are meant for both fun and for the furthering of one’s ZBrush skills. All ZBrushCentral members are welcome to participate in these challenges, or to post challenges of their own. The challenges and entries should be primarily ZBrush in nature. Challenges should be based around a particular theme, and should be non-commercial in nature.

Unacceptable posts include links to contests elsewhere on the internet (such posts should go in the Community Forum instead), or requests for ZBrushCentral members to create something on your behalf. The moderators reserve the right to move or remove any post that is deemed to be unsuitable.

Thank you, and have fun!