Zbrush and my CNC

Hi all,

I used zbrush to create some decorative letters for my daughters room, to be cut on my CNC machine.
Letter was modeled in Max and brought into Zbrush. Created an IMM brush for my decorative parts, drag/move/scale etc. Export as an STL for my CAM software.

…Love producing actual physical assets out of a digital medium…

Here is a short time lapse video of the cutting process.





Mmmmmmm,… maple cnc routing ! I hope you wear ear protection or leave the workshop while that machine is screaming cutting into that maple.

Cool stuff ‘airbrush’ !

Did you check out the thread here for --> ‘mazuko-- deadpool’… I’d love to have a cnc big enough to do that stuff! I can only manage 14 inch diameter(A-axis) and 25 width x 36 +length. My z depth cut goes to 7"+, which covers most things.

Now it’s time for you to go to level 2 and create your daughter a ‘two-sided’ ballerina to dangle from a string above her bed. Something she can paint maybe so you can make it out of cheap pine,… great father-daughter time.

Good work Airbrush !.. Be safe with your mill !.. SAFETY FIRST !


Very nice result! Turned out great!



Thanks…Wish i had a machine as big as yours…its fairly small…hoping to add a 4th axis sometime down the line.
Yah i always check out all the threads for sculpture and jewelry, amazing stuff out there.

Thanks. First attempt doing a 3d cut, would probably tighten up the step over next time.

Very cool! :slight_smile:

Nice to see some work from you?You should post of your digital extremes work?


this is so cool, I would love to see a tutorial about