Zbrush 4r7 & krsld

It was an honor to be a member of the beta tester team ZBRUSH 4R7
It was an incredible experience and to play with theses awesome tools!

All my models were created from a simple cube, the famous Qcube :wink:

I will post more renders at soon with it!

Thanks Pixologic.








other renders with Keyshot bridge!:wink:

Amazing work. Thanks for share!


Awesome stuff Cki! Love the designs :slight_smile:


Yeah, after downloading this morning I can see how this type of work will be awesome to work on! Very COOL work!! Can’t wait for some you Beta testers to start sharing some of your findings and tips on these new tools!


Great great stuff Cki!!! would love to see you modeling one of these babys :smiley:


I love your work, so inspiring.

I will pay good hard earned cash to watch tutorials on that arm and that beautiful recorder/projector thingamajig.

Take my money!

I’m with Dingle. I would love to see tutorials. :slight_smile:

These images are very helpful. Very nice models. Seeing this is making me miss modeling. I have been using Zbrush primarily lately so I can become quicker at it, and not have to post I did this, this, and this in xy&z program and this and this in Zbrush :). Now it looks like I can clearly adapt my modeling skills in Zbrush Wooohooo!!! How long did it take to get used to using the modeling features? Any tips or what worked or didn’t work for you?

Awesome work Vang! Amazing detail.

Was such a pleasure seeing this evolve.
Love it!!!

Pure craziness, sa mord !!!

That’s a beautiful bar you’ve set for hard surface modeling in Zbrush!
I take it by the number of models you made, you enjoyed the workflow? :wink:
Great work!


Great stuff! Can’t wait to start playing with these tools myself.

Awesome work…I would also love to see tutorials on how you did some of these.

This is beautiful beautiful design work. I’m a new user, and I really only want to use ZBrush for hard body poly-modeling, so you mentioned starting with a single cube, the Qcube, is that something that comes with ZBrush? I can’t find it and I also want to just start from a simple cube.