***** ZBrush 4R6 Available Now *****

auto update was flawless. this is such a welcome change from the long wait to upgrade from the past.
thank you for the free upgrade* and all the new tools! I am eternally grateful.

*since 1.23b in 2001 :smiley:

good work guys … so awesome !! waiting for the 64bit version :slight_smile:

Note to those that may have a large number of tools and project files: I have probably around 300~400 gig of files. The installer is backing up the Zr5 folder so now it is making copies of all those damn files. It has now stopped responding on my machine (i have ample space remaining on my hard disk for this) so I am not sure if it has crashed or if it is just taking forever to backup all 300~400 gig of files. At this point I don’t even know how long it will take as it gives no indication if it will be an hour, three hours, a week or whatever and I am scared to just close it. So my advice is to move your project and tool files elsewhere on your hard drive (if you have many many gigs worth) before you do the update.

I hope this works! I hate doing re-typo

It’s like Christmas morning. Thanks!~

Let your upgrader doing the backup. Like you mentioned, backuping your 300 Gb is taking some time. And unfortunately, Windows is thinking that the application isn’t responding if it takes too much time.

Checked my ZB4R5 folder after a couple Not Responding situations. 44GB in there, moved some out and it’s doing it. Success.

w000t!!! It’s going to be a great evening. :smiley:

Pixologic team, you are so incredible; there is no one else like you.

Awesome Zremesher work guys! Tested the adaptive control stuff. Congrats on the smoothest update in history.

Thank you for the upgrade.

Thank You very much!

Looks very cool…i hate retopo…takes so long! so this looks like a magic button!

Automatic retopology? faints

ZRemesher I much I love thee!!!..still messing with new features. ^^

Good that I was sitting down when I saw this! Can’t wait to download. Thank you one and all!

Thank you so much!!! This is really going to revolutionize the way in which characters are being created!

Dynamesh + Qremesher were already excellent, but the Zremesher results look far superior. Thanks Pixologic!

Moving my massive project file folder seemed to fix my install problem. It’s up and running now and I’m loving the new features especially the Zremesher. Great work Pixologic and thank so much for your hard work and dedication. I will raise a drink in your honor and toast to your generosity and good fortune! CHEERS!

Curve Bridge and Trim Curve brushes are incredible!
It seems that Projection Master is back on the Mac, too!

Thanks for a great update!