ZBrush 4R4 - Are YOU ready ?

Wow! Thanks Pixologic :+1:

Have it up and running now. QRmesher is NO JOKE! Oh My god this is going to be a time saver!

Today is my birthday and I just installed the update. Aw shucks guys, you shouldn’t have but I am so glad you did. Best birthday gift ever! love you guys at Pixologic. Michael

ive tested q remesher and works perfectly i have no words, finally retopology tools in z brush are what ive always wanted, now i have to test the topology brush to make perfect topology for animation, but, topology for sculpting is not a barrier in any way anymore. thnx a lot pixologix, thnks a lot :slight_smile:

Holy crap! I did not see this coming before Siggraph! What a sweet surprise!
Big Thank You Pixo!!!

I could have used these tools on my most recent project. Look forward to using that multi mesher thing and the curves mesh inserts. Finally easy wires and straps.

Dynamesh now goes up to 2048! It seems you’ve answered my prayers, thanks Pixologic.

whoa this is out already for download!?! How? What sort of sorcery is this?

:lol: Thank you :smiley:

thanks to the z-team and michael p. for vids.

Indeed me also … I’m entering the correct info but it seems to be not working for me as well. O.o

Please see http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?170103

Thanks Aurick … I was beginning to suspect something like this with all the downloads etc. Thanks for the heads up will try again later :slight_smile:

I must remember to breathe…I must remember to breathe!


I am spellbound.

Amazing work!!! Congrats Pixologic, you are definitely one of the best software developers of our generation…and I can’t believe its a free upgrade!!!

Keep up the amazing work!

Mind blowing! Pixologic is always amazing!

Kick ass work!

In future if we could have some form of Monte Carlo rendering method within zbrush, that would be awesome.

[…]world axis selector[…]

Hallelujah! It was about time to implant something like that :3
Great update incoming!

You all are amazing!!! I can’t wait to try these out. I just made a bung of videos for 4R3, some are on how to hard surface sculpt and resurface in Zbrush an Maya. I’m sure these new tools will completely change my workflows!

I was actually hoping that you could string a mesh along the length of your curve tools! Looks like that might be the case!

I’m not sure what to say for these updates other than wow and thank you Z crew!

Thanks guys, you listened to your users and made a bunch of updates that add value and functionality to the product, as well as fixing some common complaints.

Well done, I am looking forward to testing the new features today.

Bring on 64bit!