ZBrush 4R2b ZClassroom Movies.

Thanks for these vids. And for the great update. Zbrush is awesome.

Excellent as always, but even more excellent that the videos arent in flash this time. (or at least my device got a html5 video showing. I usually can’t watch Pixologic’s videos with it)

Ho yeah ! Thank you for these videos ! =)


At this time it’s not possible to convert MicroMesh into real geometry.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for these videos. I am looking forward to getting deep into all the new features. I have a question though about the Basics of MicroMesh video. Can you provide some real-world examples of how this would be used? I can’t make the leap here to see how this could be used. Viewing just the multi-gem sphere, for some reason, I just don’t understand where/how I would use it. I guess I’m also getting hung up on how the gem itself was made. So I guess I’m requesting for you to expand this particular video with more examples and application usage.

Thank you all at Pixologic for all these new features. If you were a stock, I would buy it! Incredible!

if the fibers are wide and have UV’s they could be used as card hair in Maya!

Of course they can, in maya or other app.
All fibers share the same UVs though, meaning that some other uses are possible.

If you want to export a fiber mesh with UV and without a fiber cap, create the fiber mesh with 5 or more sides.

I always run into the same thing here… the volume needs to be at least 30% louder, if possible.

totally agree.

and if the user tries to export a ridiculous amount of polys, just let it crash… but there are a lot of scenarios where it wouldn’t be that many polys but simplifies generating some kinds of detail.

also, since what micromesh seems to be doing in zb is like what renderman does for its rendertime swap outs, it would be cool if zb could generate an RIB so that insane amounts of detail from zb can be used in animation pipelines.

one thing you could do is have a detailed tree model and instance that over an island… you’d determine the placement by growing fibers on the island.

as for using micromesh for perpoly instancing like in the gem and sphere… yeah, not sure how useful that would be in real world scenarios… i guess you could do something like making neat rows of storm troopers by just have a grid on the ground… but placement would be dependent on the polygonal structure so it would seem to me that it would be limited to times when the placement is very regular.

using hair growing seems to be a much more flexible use of micromesh.

If you want to export a fiber mesh with UV and without a fiber cap, create the fiber mesh with 5 or more sides.

Beautiful! Thank you so much!!!
Here an export of fibers with UVs (blender/cycles)

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 10.21.49 PM.jpg

is there some way, that thru goZ a animated models’ geometry can be sent to zbrush from external app,to be rendered by BPR for each frame of animation.That would let you use micromesh,and all the features of BPR for a image sequence

So how do you make uv’s for the fiber to export? There are too many fibers and it crashes if I try uv master. What’s the trick?

Under UVs palet, FiberUVs!

Thank you. I found it. I would still assume we would be working with high poly counts just because there is so many fibers, so this could take a while to make uv maps, etc. I’m just learning the process so excuse me if these are basic questions. :slight_smile:

Awesome tutorials, right to the point, cant get simpler than this :slight_smile: Thank you pixologic!

thank you for the videos on fibermesh and micromesh very helpfull. Can’t wait to see more

After some errors on my part with the installation and Pixologic support’s help. I am up and running, I can’t wait to try these features out once I finish this project I am working on.

I totally agree!! That would be so cool to be able to convert it!

Ho and for a real world example, i was thinking of a shoulder plate with lots of nails, or spikes. Or you could do your chain mails with that somehow, not sure tho, ill have to test that!

Great job pixologic!

Frankly, the MicroMesh looks promising but (most) of the Fibermesh renders looks pretty silly, at least when it comes to representing actual hair. I’m sure things will evolve (especially at Pixologic!) but I’m pretty underwhelmed at present.