ZBrush 4R2 ZClassroom Movies. Updated to include 17 Movies.

I deeply apologize for not taking hearing impairments into consideration earlier. This was an unfortunate oversight, I will investigate the available options and hopefully find a practical solution for this. Please contact me with any suggestions you might have to guide my search.


nice !! update on the shader side…but it’ could be TOP notch to baked it to a texture
hope it will appear in Z5 (strange someone did make a plug-in for baking materials back in the good old days of zbrush 2.0, but it never got any updates shame:-()

no worry for about it, i will contact you for to get give some hints that you can possibly add the CC system :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video Great Help!! :+1:

The Material Blending is awesome.

I did some small testing of ZBrush 4R2 in the last few days…one including the Material Blend. (And must I say…DynaMesh, Noise Maker, Wax Properties + LightCap are just awesome.)

For this piece I did a sculpt based on McFarlane’s Tyr: The Legend of Blade Hunter.

I used Material Blend on the Shoulder Guards and some Shader Mixer on the Skin (Very subtle though) and here’s the result.

Thank you Pixologic Team… Great job on this release!


How the heck do I apply the 2nd matcap? The S2 option always stays gray and I can’t add another matcap. I’m assuming it’s something simple that I just can’t figure out.

You need to use a material that has two or more shaders.
To get started, load the “TwoTone_Jelly” project. The selected material has two shaders that you can adjust as needed.

Another amazing aspect to this superb piece of software. A HUGE thank you for all the incredible work you guys do. :smiley:


The 2nd movie “Wax Preview” added to the first post.

Hya Everyone!
This is because of the wax video, basically I followed the instructions to turn the normal red wax color thing into wax preview wax… this sounds weird… anyhow then I went to the bottom of the Materiel Pallets Modifier sub pallet and screwed about with color till it made me ill, then I started over and turned A into a sickening toothpaste green and B I turned black. This is a Sculptris mesh that wouldn’t survive dynamesh so I said the heck with dynamesh and subdivided into about 6 million polygons and then played with the deco brush which I have a bit of a thing for, who ever came up with that brush gets a cookie and a smooch on the nose!
What I do not know how to do is save the materiel with out ruining the standard red wax materiel, there is no “save as” button, do I just hit save?
This stuff is fantastic, there is so many possibilities just with changing the color in those four boxes its amazing.


Here is a small test with some of the new BPR settings like wax preview, and the mixers, not PS work at all. I am still having trouble with the shadows and removing the ray lines on the model. Blurring them works but it also obliterates the hard edges, I’m checking my settings and will continue to run further test. Hoping to see some full render tutorials in this batch of videos as well. Having a blast! Well done everyone.

malea… it should give yu option to save to new filename… dont think it overwrites… but you can always use something like a basic material or doubleshader and copy over the mat channels from the red wax one into the doubleshader then save that… it really really should ask you for filename… pretty sure… btu if not its at least a more basic material :slight_smile:

This is so helpful ! Thank you !

Oh? So the save button in the materiel menu on the left is basically “save as”???
HA!!! Thank you!!!

I know I belong in the Sculptris Thread, I don’t have Zbrush, but I watched the first two vids anyway, and while It’s completely amazing what your doing with the material channels in both Sculptris, and now Zbrush 4r2, defining them from a texture layer rather than the wire mesh (correct me if I’m wrong), and Zbrush, being the flagship, has a fairly powerful image editor built into it, adjusting blurs, noise, brightness and contrast for your alphas, textures, and now the material as well, and Sculptris users are stuck doing this in an external app. However, most animation and gaming softwares define the materials by the Wire mesh, which was a problem a few ran into in the Sculptris forum, when it came time to export to another software. How would one use these new gradual material transtions on a model meant for export or retopology or both ?

start a letter writing campaign to all of those other companies to convince them to natively support zbrush materials :wink: … unfortunately probably the only way that some of the zbrush tools will see themselves go to other apps…for now though we have zapplink and goZ which lets us take all of the information directly into other programs and i imagine somewhere in there is translation tools for at least some material information but ive only ever played with the link to photoshop so cant really tell you for sure whats there.

I only mentioned it because I solved it in the Sculptris forum before I was deleted. For Sculptris you can export your model, load it into another sculpting app called MeshMixer, #5 I think it was. MeshMixer has a smooth selected function that will round the jagged edges of your tri-mesh selection, then instead of cutting or extracting, you simply back out and save out, leaving a nice, wire-mesh selectable area. But Sculptris’ meshes are completely different than Zbrush, and your UV’mapping before you paint, and your painting straight to texture. Zbrush can group materials, and UV material groups, but with a gradual transition, your gonna get a bunch of little-single polygon groups, a huge file size slowing your render, and you’ll have to mimic your gradual transition with a bunch of materials in your other software … or you could UV-map it by hand …
Their Cool New Materials is something you might want to be very Careful with …

Please post your troubleshooting questions in the Questions & Troubleshooting Forum

Hell yes!!!I have ben praying for these videos!!! Thanks a lt Pixo!!