ZBrush 4R2 Beta Testing By Joel Mongeon

My name is Joel Mongeon, and I have been thrilled to be a part of the ZBrush 4R2 beta. I came in a bit late and had some computer issues this summer, however it never stopped my enjoyment and discovery of the latest advancements and innovations that Pixologic has produced.

Zombie (click for full size):

While I was only able to work on one project for the beta, I had a great time using the new DynaMesh feature to build a zombie. The new rendering system and wax shader is a really fast way to bring a model to the next level of polish without having to leave ZBrush. Bellow you can see the finished zombie along with some of the WIP images produced. I would also have to say that the new surface noise additions are fantastic! I can’t wait to see what everyone can do with this version of ZBrush.

Thanks Pixologic!










Looks great. The render is quite good I really like the cloth feel. What is this noise feature thing that is different?

I love the surface texturing and the gesture on that piece!

Thanks Womball. Surface noise in R2 has been greatly enhanced. It has a nice previewer window with a lot of control and a big collection of procedural textures, not just noise anymore. Plus you can now apply a 2d texture map as a surface noise using an objects UV’s. Check out Maxence Fleuret’s thread for a screenshot of the new UIhttp://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?161166-ZBrush-4R2-Beta-Testing-By-Maxence-Fleuret

Thanks Marco! Your beta models turned out amazing! Congrats!

Great posing skills, it really adds to the [resentations, great diorama by the way

Awesome! Great pose and layout! I love the angle of his head! It really adds a great feeling to the piece!

Great testing ----> who’s he pointing at? (hopefully not a bunch of kids who are trick or treatin’)

Thanks so much for the comments guys, glad you like the pose and layout. I haven’t been as active as I would like lately. I’ve been doing a lot of work with clay lately but still use Zbrush as much as possible at work :slight_smile:

Hey Jeff glad you like the pose! Lets get lunch soon and catch up.

Thanks for share…

look quite as unique and fancy. I like texturing

You did something unparalleled, idiosyncratic job. I always like the Z Brushe’s work and get my interest deeply here. Great texture.

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zBrush really makes things easier now… except rendering this stuff!

looks a bit like this horror creative indeed!

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Awesome! Great pose and layout! I Love the graphics and its hard work It really adds a great feeling to the piece
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I really like the cloth feel. What is this noise feature thing that is different?

which cloth feel u talking about?