ZBrush 4R2 Beta Testing By: Gun Park

Hi all,

I’m enjoying very much the zbrush 4r2 beta testing.
“dynamesh” works very well to clean up the hard surface subtools as well as build up the new meshes.




wow really nice job! post a workflow tutorial please :]

This was one of my favorite images in the R2 Beta Gallery, extremely interested in how Dynamesh helped bring that together now.

Beautiful. Awesome. Yes, more renders and info, lol! Can NOT see enough of this! Congrats on really great work!

really nice… how did you do the small uniform holes in the armour plates? when I try to do that round corners they always end up stretching on one face.

Thats awesome

Thanks for all your comments!
I’m going to make and up the tutorial soon.

@digi-mech: Here is the screen grab showing brush setting. Hope this helps you.

thanks for that… I look forward to the tutorial. i dont have the new software yet, still waiting on my link. but as soon as I do I have some models to test this on. cant wait. looks superb.

did you retopologized the mec parts?

hi Sebcesoir, not yet, but they will be retopologized. thanks for the comment.

you’re welcome digi_mech:D

Well its looks damn clean, you might not need to retopo them…!

Great job!

That looks great.Some work flow on this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for all your comments.
Personally, a little busy, so update is getting delayed. As soon as it’s ready, it’ll be up.

You’re a king…It is hard to be King.

Unfortunately for you, I am “that guy” who will probably make your life very difficult.
If you only knew the amount of questions that are coming your direction like a mile high tsunami you would surely be running for the hills right now. Hopefully, you will spare a little magic knowledge for me.
It’s hard being King.

I am doing a figure very similar to the one in this thread, and my extractions look like crap. I do not know what I am doing wrong, and I am assuming your are using the widely known hard surface extraction method.
Since you seem to be perhaps even more than a king of Zbrush, maybe you can enlighten this dim witted serf in your methods of ZBrush Godhood?:+1:
How do you go from body to hard surface?


Had to come back and look at this again for the sweet factor…It is art like this literally brings tears to my eyes, the perfection…:frowning:
Motivation pours off this thing. It’s times like this using the “F” word loudly is mandatory.
Ever want something so bad you could cry? Like you got this gripping feeling just tearing your insides out? Well, now you know how I feel. :laughing:

Awesome work kmcism , beautifully clean and balanced model, look forward to your work flow updates when you have time to post them:+1:

Interesting work :+1:

Cool looking character. I hope there is a render in the make with colors, materials and all… :stuck_out_tongue:

Super design & sculpt look forward to seeing this evolve :slight_smile:

I really like the crispness and cleanliness of you sculpt.
You make good use of the new tools.
Master them well.