ZBrush 4R2 Beta Testing By: Fabio Paiva

Hello everyone!
I´d like to share some works done during beta time!

Hope you like it as much as I do!
The dwarf little guy is based on a Jean-Baptiste MONGE drawing!













so many cool sculpts, great job!

Fantastic work! Just excellent!

Very nice! :+1:

Awesome stuff Fabio, really dig the gnomon/dwarf fella! The mustache smiling guy has nice features in his face!

I like the first guy,so funny:lol:

Nice models Fabio, but it’s always nice to mention, who are you inspired which.

Thx a lot guys!
@zerratu, yea man… Properly mentioned now! Sorry I forgot!

nice works

Wow…super cool!

You have great flair and a splendid eye for detail.
Looking forward to your next sculpt.

Awesome characters!

Excellent skill man, I like your works!

Great scultps -> the hooded guy and the demon are my favourites :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot everyone, really glad you like it! :smiley:

awesome works dude !

I am fond of the dwarf executionner !

Awesome sculpting… great job

Hi fabio!

very good choice for the JB Monges drawing, it’s one of my fav … really well executed … I think you should show him the result !! He would proud of that result …


This is great sculpting! Kudos!

Hello, Fabio,
I recently finished a Masters Degree, and I used an image of yours in my Thesis in a section about 3D Digital Caricature. Although I referenced your work properly in the academic sense, I just realised that I didn’t get your explicit permission.
I hope you don’t mind too much.
Kind Regards
Dan Hughes-McGrail