Zbrush 4 R2 open source educational videos

Youtube does not support custom players anymore, but here is the playlist I will be adding any new Zbrush R2 videos to.


Simple example simple explanation

Thanks for taking the time to post it, very handy!!!

Jason! You are a fncking genious dude!! I have learnt a lot with your videos!!! Thanks for keep us updated everytime with the new features of zb, keep the videos coming!

Thanks for making this. But in video 3, you talk about how you loose hard edges when remeshing, just turn the blur in the dynamesh palette to 0 and it won’t happen.

Thanks cannedmushrooms!!! More, more!! These are great!!!

Extremely awesome of you to make these videos. I’m coming at this from a kind-of newbie vector, so these are super helpful. :slight_smile:

ZSpheres were great, but I had trouble getting the results I wanted. After working along with these I’m so, so very stoked to make stuff. :smiley:

Thank you for making these!

Awesome, Thanks for taking the time to post it.

Couple more additions uploading now to youtube, glad you like the series feel free to ask for some stuff you would like to see :wink:
Generally takes me a few hours to research it and think of a practical use for the sed new thing.

Check this out for those rapid prototype peeps out there!

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Great videos you put out Jason. You have helped me alot with zbrush and other programs. Look forward to the new videos you put out.

Thanks man, very cool !

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I subscribed thanks for your tutorials. Looks like I had already seen a few of these without even knowing who they were from.
appreciate it.

Thanks dude. Super helpful

can anyone help us with the new BPR and lightcaps , is their good tutorials for that , thanx :wink:

I went to check these out and was super happy 2 see it was u seeing as u taught me the previous version of Zbrush. Big ups muh ninja

Thank you SOOO much for these! I’m new and having a ton of trouble finding good information on ZBrushes new features. Thank you so much for posting these :slight_smile:

thanks for all of your tutorials ! :slight_smile:

Great man, like always - thanks! :slight_smile: