Zbrush 4 Open Source Education Videos

I am producing a DVD with 15 Lessons for Zbrush 4
Completely free on Youtube.
If you begin watching the lessons you will find they have assignments, this is because I will be using it for my Modeling II class.

If you would like to post anything produced from the DVD, this forum would make a great venue and give me examples of the quality of the training.

When I am done with lesson 15 I will be packaging the DVD.
And the videos will still be free on youtube.
Having the DVD just makes it easier to watch in a playlist on top of all programs.

I only ask that you plug the videos on youtube anywhere you find a student wanting to learn 3D by giving them this link.


I also give you permission to post the youtube videos in any forum / webpage or email.

I call this Open Source Education (Patent Pending) :wink:

Here Chapters 1-8
The numbers in front of the videos indicate chapter and video number.
0402 = Chapter 4, Video 2

Enjoy and watch the playlist grow!

Chapter 06 Lesson File Here


This player only hold 50 Videos, Please go to playlist above for entire series

Thanks, i really enjoy your videos, very clear and informative.

thank’s thousand times! ***** :slight_smile:
merci mille fois! :+1:

These are wonderful mini tutorials and have been an enormous help in helping me get up to speed with v4 as well as inspire.

Thank you so much for making these available.

Mr C. Mushrooms, you’re a star!!


You are too generous Sir! :smiley:

Thanks, great videos. :wink:

Excellent tutorials,

I would like to see how you would paint a specular map on a layer in zbrush then export it to

Also a tutorial on how to use Maya 2011 hair tools for styling, this would be great to see.

0407 is only 30 seconds long, looks like it needs a little extra love. :wink:

Jason, thank you so much for the releasing these videos!!! I will be purchasing the complete set when available.

Thanks for the catch dougt, uploaded the wrong one.

Its in the cue. It has taken almost a week to upload 6 chapters.

Thanks for the tuts:+1:

question - some seem to be missing
0100 - 0108
0203 - 0209 (what happened to 0200 -0202)
0301 - 0311 (0300?)
0401 0400?) - 0408 (0409?) > 0410 - 0413
0501 - 0516 (0500?)
0601 - 0611 (0600?)
0701 - 0715 (0700?)

Hey space old buddy, long time no see :wink:

These are all in the playlist at youtube.


That custom player is a bit buggy. Good way to lead a horse to water though. It also only holds 50 vids so it cuts it off at chapter 5.

The 0100,0200,0300,0400 ect ect I reserve for classroom specific information that the student would need to know. Classroom space, equipment used, file paths. It also leaves a little play for a prologue if needed also.

Had some issues with sound vs Youtube so if anyone sees anything weird. Just post it up. I appreciate the (I would say second pair of eyes but its more like 500) looking for technical errors such as sound or time.


:lol: liking those crazy numbers :slight_smile: Jason

Man do you have some ed vids at your youtube site.

I went through your ZBrush vids and photoshop cs4 and photoshop cs5 and I could not find one that shows how to make 16 bit alphas in photoshop cs4 or cs5 for ZBrush (ZB4) - If you have made one will you please post a link to it.

Creating alphas

And Lights to use with alphas for shadows


Ya those numbers, I have to keep those wacky numbers in for searching in youtube and assigning the vids to lessons and standards;)

You would be amazed at the behind the scene things teachers go through sometimes, curriculum development is an art form in itself.

Anywho, Alphas in my world are used in Maya so search maya - alphas - jason - welsh. I try to tag everything pretty good in youtube.

I think my new Photoshop cs5 DVD series has examples, but I am still uploading that series.

cheers canned. going to start doing these over my night shifts at work. :smiley: keep erm coming m8. loving your work :smiley:

If you want the entire series on DVD it is located at jasonwelsh.com
Or the direct link HERE

I kept the price super low because its a 2 disk set.

Disk 1 is chapters 1-8
Disk 2 is chapters 9-15

19 hrs of Zbrush training in total

Its focused for my modeling II class

There will be a bonus DVD coming sometime in a few months pertaining to the features in Zbrush that did not fall within “modeling II”. Also a “Texture rendering and lighting” DVD in the near future covering Maya / Zbrush together.

Happy Z-Brushing

hey jason originally posted this in your other thread but thought it might be to buried so figured i would post my reply here…:wink:

hey jason yeah the adobe connect thing was great was thinking we should start it up again so i suggested it here http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showth…hlight=ventrilo hopefully there’s interest and we can schedule a definite schedule that we can have it open to the zbrush community… till pixologic comes out with the whole zcast thing that was mentioned here http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=036912 would have been a great teaching aid and learning tool for the zbrush community… thats great jason that now you teaching with the commercial version wow 19 students is alot, so far i have been teaching a couple of friends and there taking i=to it pretty well i have taught 8 people just this year alone… been trying to get them to post there work here but there to scared and afraid of what people might say so i told them i was just like that and said the more you post the better you will get, which i think is true considering my early work…lol… thats great news jason that your teaching your 3d already im sure when she advances you can get her in to legos and then kinects. thats funny that shes taking to the old block throwing in time who knows she might hit the from time to time and then the dog will really have to be on his toes,lol… i actually just went up to new york to go see my newly born niece who is a month and a half old, cant believe im uncle already where did the time go, so im hoping she shows interest in art im so excited about all the things i could teach her maybe who knows maybe in time she could become a member of the zbrush community…

yeah modo i have just started getting in to i like what i see people are doing with it and would like to get comfortable with it, i hope your able to maybe do tutorials on it in the future would be a great asset to zbrush for rendering... thats great that your working on digital tutorials to get rid of a lot of the clutter and torn pages, not mention the occasional missing book that happened alot when i was going to school.. wow thats great that you have done all that with maya i hope to go through them when i have the time to i have been forever wanting to rig and animate and breath life into my zbrush creations and render them out with nice lighting. you really have a lot of work ahead of you to do all those tutorials im sure they will turn out great..:) wow thats great jason these will help out so much cant wait to look at them have been wanting to learn digital painting for so long might be time to upgrade my hardware have been hearing alot about the new cintiqs they look real cool for getting in to painting sketching and sculpting, actually in the video for it they even show zbrush being used on it. but yeah i hope my painting and drawing skill will improve over time as my sculpting has improved over time.;) yeah photography has been one of my passions for a while especially wildlife photography actually we have close friend of the family that used to shoot for national geographic and he really got me interested in taking it up so not to long ago i bought a 15 megapixel rebel really like iit but would like to get some better lenses for it get a whole lot of blurring with it was wondering if maybe you had any suggestions of what i should get for lenses to take good pictures one for close up to medium distance, and the other for far away for really zooming in would like to get some better lenses because im just using the stock 55 millimeter lens right now.. its really great hearing from you also hope everything's going well with family and happy to hear that your teaching more on the side im sure the students are learning alot..yeah i know what you mean i bring mine with me every where it is great friends cant ever understand why they invite me over to play games i bring my laptop and iintous 4, i guess its in artist thing they will never understand..lol.. yeah driving car with it would be interesting im sure marcus civis could help with that..yeah just recently got a wii because friends wanted to get me in to playing it heard you can program the wii trying to figure out how t mod it so i can use it with zbrush in combination with the intoous4 as separate hotkeys, thinking about maybe getting a custom keypad stick seems like it would do wonders for shortcuts and choosing brushes.... thanks jason happy you like them have been trying really hard to improve in all areas of artistic expression everything from sculpting to painting to 3d and drawing.. so hopefully they will improve progress hoping to maybe one day get a job in 3d as a concept artist or maybe a wildlife artist if i get good enough. i updated my sketch thread added some traditional stuff this time [http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showth...4870#post724870](showthread.php?p=724870#post724870), im actually working on another dog head right now but im also doing it in pottery clay using it till i find something better to work with but the grog is terrible in it. but its the only kind of clay they sell around here so im thinking about ordering online for something different once this runs out, but yeah im really enjoying sculpting and not having to worry about topology but now the problem is im dealing with gravity and its hard not to get the sculpture to stop sagging. but its great hearing from you and look forward to learning and watching all your videos thanks again for being a great friend and well a vital asset to the zbrush community in the area of education and teaching.. sorry that your efforts continue to go unnoticed by the pixologic company i hope one day you are recognized for all your hard work and determination.. wish you the best as always friend..;)

Is their a way to go full screen with the videos?I dont see any buttons for that… which makes it hard to follow the tutorial.Am I missing anything obvious?

Good post Troy thanks for the update on your work. The post links lead to dead air but I searched for them easy enough.

Full screen: There is a little button on the bottom of the video if you watch them on youtube, it has 2 arrows (one pointing up and one pointing down) hit that and everything looks like 1000% better. That is the fullest fullscreen you can get.

Hi, Jason.

Been enjoying your Z4 vids on YouTube.

Quick question about UV’s: Do teeth and eyes need UV’s? How would you flatten eyes and teeth?



Frontal planer mapping on both

And it depends that application, For illustration teeth UVs are not needed

For gaming I would use a sculpted plane for the teeth and frontal project it for the UVS