ZBrush 4 Getting Started Guide


This step by step PDF guide will walk you through the creative world of ZBrush from the very basics to sculpting, painting and on to finishing off your art with ZBrush’s powerful render engine.

The Getting Started with ZBrush Guide guide is and interactive document to use from your computer. It contains links to various videos, tutorials and locations of the numerous Pixologic web learning resources. Everything is laid out in a way that will help new users explore and master the key principles of what ZBrush has to offer.


Be sure to keep your eyes open and minds focused as you follow these links and enhance your ZBrush experience.

Enjoy the journey and discovery…

Click Here (Size: 18 MB)





definitely worth checking

Thank you very much!!! This looks very sharp and nicely laid out!


Thanks! Gonna check it out right now.

Thank You aurick. Loooks like it’s very well put together. Excellent resource.

Very nice! thank you very much Aurick.

Thanks Aurick:+1:

This being something I think everyone (especially the newcomers) should check out, personally I’d place it in the ominous Toprow so no one misses out on this. You never know what you might learn, even as a seasoned ZWarrior.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, at least the intelligent idea of presenting instructions written and not just spoken: not everybody understands spoken English well!

Thank you again!

This is going to be very useful to me & im sure many other people too!

Thankyou for posting.



Thanks for this, looks good

Thanks for this guys! :+1:

thank you very much il go through these when i get a chance :slight_smile:

Love it! Thanks guys!

Thank you very much aurick and pixologic! Great :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Nice. I could have used this 6 months ago when I decided to get serious with Zbrush.

The layout and information is excellent. Good job.

Excellent work!
And thanks again for letting me be a part of this!

Best regards,

Aurick, it’s a wonderfull guideline. Thanks.

kinda late but thanks for this, hmmm its me or this place diying.

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