Zbrush 3 New features Videos

So ya heres what I have so far for those of the visual learning nature, a couple videos more to come when I get more familiar with the tools.



Click the house of tutorials link in my sig. And goto the Zbrush section.


(off to sculpt)



Thanks for the tuts Jason. Very informative.:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Great tutes Jason! thanks! :+1: :+1:

Thanks Jason, these are really great and a huge help for me!!

Thanks jason, i have been having a hard time in z3 and your topology video showed me exactly what i needed ot know, thanks again for the video.

A picture says more than 1000 words ^^
Many thanks for the tutorials!

simply amazing tuts jason, I cracked up laughing to see you frustrated with “tweak” in 3.

Hi , I liked your videos and i was wondering if i could add a link to them on the “Zscripts & movies” section of my site (linked in my signature). I’ll give you full credit for em ofcourse and a link to your site next to the movies.


go ahead

But if its www.bramjnet I will have to say no, long story lets just say 250 gigs of bandwidth long.
Ur welcome for the vids enjoy I won’t add a comment I have for the tweak brush I’m sure we have all fell for that new fun filled feature.

also added this video to my sunday fun
happy learning

I don’t know about that site you mentioned. But about bandwidth, if thats an issue for you, I wont do it.

The site has only be made today and has had over 600 visitors in one day, so perhaps that might be too much traffic.

NIce Jason!

Do you have any idea how to take a tool, and all its sub tools and make them into 1 mesh?

I want to use this subtool feature to draw cloths on my models, and be able to pose them in Z3 with the new transform tools…


Thanks for the free videos

Havent got that far yet
I heard its a pain but havent played with it yet.
It has somthing to do with all subtools must be on the same lvl by deleting the lower lvls.

here see this thread



Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason, i had enjoy all your videos and for sure this 3 too!!!

Thanks again in debt with you


Thanks for your tireless efforts in presenting your video tutorials to help us mere mortals requiring visual instruction. What strikes me about your vids over others is that they are so sharp and crisp and include voice-over. Do you have or could you offer a tutorial on how you make your tutorials? So many of the vids offered on the forum lack audio and visual crispness. So many of the vids are fuzzy, out of focus. How do you produce your tutorials?



actually if you look at the link on the left of the site labeled portfolio development I run down how to use camtasia with the screen resolution.

As far as audio goes I use a neuman BCM 705 microphone.
Its basically a radio mic. The real trick though is adjust your desktop resolution to 1024X960 then make the video so that the icons and tool buttons show up crisp
I also use a mackie board for the audio.
hope that helps.

Author, your Zbrush tuts inks are not working, please check.

lol they work but if you get a 503 error keep hitting the f5 button
my host only allows 150 people per second so somtimes you will get a error.

If you can always right click save target ass to your hard drive. Try not to stream the videos;)

Thank you jason for your excellent tutorials. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: