ZBrush 3 Beta Images


We know you are interested in seeing some artwork created in ZBrush 3 so we have asked a few of our talented beta testers to put together some of their work.

Click to view the ZBrush 3 BetaTesters Images forum

The images use many of the features shown in our video, The Next Step. They represent a cross section of the development cycle some using older beta versions and features and some using newer beta features. More threads will be posting in the days to come so stay tuned to this forum for additional ZBrush 3 images! :slight_smile:

Happy ZBrushing!
Ryan Kingslien



Where’s the ‘jaw-drop’ emoticon when you need it? The stuff posted in the beta forum is simply unbelievable! -gulp- stunning. :eek:


Cant wait :smiley: Jaw dropping is a good word:+1:

I would like to be the first to say that the Beta testors that I had a privlidge to share resources (beta) with put up some of the best work I’ve seen anywhere. Some have been so prolific, that I wondered if they would ever hit a roadblock… apparently not. I think this says something to the quality of this new version of Zbrush. I would like everyone to raise your glass in a toast… :wink:

Unbelievable stuff! Such an awesome collection of art!

My goodness I could stare at the ZB3 works by all those talented superhuman artists for ever!Someone freeze me for a month !:laughing:

So much amazing art! :eek:

Thanks to all the beta testers!

How do they do it? All that detail must take quite some time.

Work shows much promise.
I am sure with renewed dedication, they will improve greatly.



I’m so inspired!! So much beautiful artwork!! And I’ve only looked at about 1/5 of the threads so far!! Now I have to go to work and throw boxes around for 6 hours. The whole time, I will be dreaming of coming back to give this collection the serious oggling it deserves. So cruel!!

Ah!! I’m going to be so late!!

Ryan! Look what you have done! Just when we were getting used to the idea of the upcoming release of an awesome piece of software, you show us this!

At this very moment I feel the same way as when I’m standing on a very tall mountain, or gazing into the star-speckled infinity of space:

very, VERY humble, a bit depressed, but at the same time touched by the overwhelming beauty of the world.

Thanks SO much; it’s just to much to take in.

:+1:! :+1:! :+1:! :+1:!

I Can’t Wait!!!

I saw Scott Spencer demo this at the Gnomon workshop live event, the software itself made my jaw drop, specially with the ability of its layer and temp bones. I just cant wait!!!

thank you so much, ryan for getting these threads up. they all look amazing.
diffently gonna add em to my inspirational folder when i get home.
can’t wait to try this for myself.


I’m totaly Stunned !

Thoose beta testers did so wonderfull works with Z3.
Thanks for sharing. Houra!
Thanks for Pixologic. Houra!

I’m afraid this looks like the most exiting tool CGartist could ever dream of!

Can’t wait to “play” with it!

Congrats and thanks again to you all :+1:

Las imágenes son increíbles. El detalle que ahora se puede aplicar a un modelo parece no tener límites. Ya estoy deseando practicar con ZBrush 3. Esperaré hasta que salga para modelar mi próximo cuento.

Gracias Pixologic. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

:eek: Wow!! may can’t get here fast enough…

wow ZB3! :smiley: