ZBrush 3 Beta Images/Steve Jubinville Zbrush 3 Stuff (Some Nudity)

Hi all,

my name is Steve Jubinville. I work as character organic modeler and mecanical artist modeler at Hybride Technologie. I use Zbrush since version 1.55b, as part of my personal workflow and part of my professional work at the studio as well.

I try the new version 3.0 and I think is one of the better modeling and texture software. So mush faster and powerful. Layer, subtool, polygon and the new transpose panel is wonderful. That the real sculp tool! Sculpting experience feels completely natural, with absolute control and precision.

All of my model is made in Zbrush 3 but I use softimage xsi to start my model. I hope you liked stuff I made in the new v3.



Steve Jubinville
Digital Sculptor










Ahh, wicked stuff. How many polys is she and is there a real time smooth ,looks like they need sub D again or putting smooth on. Great modling, would like to see the wires.

Thanks for sharing your work. :+1:

wow. great work. thanks for sharing.


Hey Steve…
Great to finally see you posting around here.
Looks like you’re up to your usual.:wink:
Good work and don’t be a stranger.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Ah, fashionably late to the party. Glad to see you turned up with some wonderful models tucked under your arms. :+1:

Salut Steeve!

I like your facially challenged characters!!

So you are now at Hybride! That’s great. I myself recently left Digital Dimension for Mokko Studio.

See you!


Wow, the first terrain work on Z3. How high is that polycount?

Some really really cool work,thanks for another insight of the results that can be achieved with talent and zb3.:+1:


Whats up man. Your stuff looks top notch as usual! I had no idea you were on the beta until someone at work pointed out this thread to me. Good to see you are still at it. You have a certain affinity for rocks it seems :wink: Btw, I added you to msn when you left but I have never seen you online, did you get a new account or what?

Thank’s all! for your great comment! I will update certain work I made in a few days!

metric: Hello dude! Sorry for my msn, I don’t have Internet at home now cause I living from my apartmen soon, I bought a home. Maybe in June I will have a the internet connection. If you want to contact my, just send my a mail in my hybride mail box. stevej@hybride.com. Thank’s for the comment!

Feureau: The poly count for my terrain is 5 millions for polygon, certain of my scene have 25 millions of polygon!

Strob: Cool for Digital! nice compagny I have many friend there! Make my salutation at Laurent, Bob and jonathan!

Thank’s again and see you soon!


Steve Jubinville

not bad , continu like that and it will be bether

You write very well, support you

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