ZBrush 3 Beta Images/Some Beta doodles from Punchatz

Hey All,
Greg Punchatz here, senior creative director at janimation. I have been lucky enough to get to play with zbrush3 over the last few months, but due to my work load I have not been able to quite finish anything. So I thought I would share some of my doodles and tests!


I am BLOWN AWAY by the tools and speed of ZB3, nothing else comes close in terms of digital sculpting.





cool cool cool

very nice:+1:

Awesome sculpting:+1: :+1:

I can see a remake of “Omega man” on that last sculpture…

Superb work…:cool:

love the detail on the first bust. any painted samples?.. dying to see how cool the texture painting has gotten

The deformed guy with the teeth showing spooked me out.


He… he looks so… happy!! :smiley:

good work!

I like your work.I very nice brush.The walrus is very nice.The body effect of walrus is very nice.The clarity of all the image is very nice.I appreciate your work.It is completely decayed & rotten human body.The intrinsic touch are wonder fully done.

I can see a remake of “Omega man” on that last sculpture… china travel

Not bad