ZBrush 3 Beta Images/Diego Maia - The newest beta tester

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce myslef here…
My name is Diego Maia and I’m a 3d artist from Brazil.
It’s a pleasure to join this forum beside all that amazing artists.
I’d like to thank you for Jill, Ryan and Jaime from pixologic, and Cesal Dacol Jr. (Vodoomonkey) for the attention and support.
I’m posting this drawing just to show the first concept that I’m gonna do in zbrush 3.
Probably i’m going to make some changes yet…

Thank you.


hi buddy!!! congratulations and welcome to beta team!
your works looks better and better in each work that you do!
keep your great wwork and you great interest in learn more and more !!
really waiting to see you next models in Zbrush 3.0

Alex Oliver

Welcome Diego.
Glad to see that everything worked out for you.
Can’t wait to see what you do with Z3.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

Welcome aboard Diego! Hope you find it as incredible as I do in here. Love the drawing, cant wait to see where it goes!

Hello again!!
That’s my first model whitin zbrush 3… I’d like to work on it a little more, but I did it just to test the software wich by the way is amazing so far!!!
He is called “devourer”. He is a demon who eats lonely walkers and keeps them arrested inside himself… :smiley:
I’m also posting the early quick sketch I’ve done… Hope you like it!!
Please, let me know your thoughts… critz are always welcome!

P.s: I already began to make the elf as I told before… soon, i’m going to post some wips here!

alexleia, voodoomonkey and slashpot - I’m so happy to be with you here! Thanks you guys!!






AMAZING DIEGO!!! :eek: :eek:


Alex Oliver

Yeah I love this monster… The jaw part is great!

Makes me think of a user of some other software who’s just seen ZB3. :smiley:

Great work!

:eek: :eek: DuhH!H!N>! Drrr. Awesome drawings and sculpture!

Hi Diego,
Very work, sketchs incredible

ps. não sei mto inglês não hehehe
mas cara ficou demais

post more

the drawings and the sculpture, both works are amazing!!.

Congratulations Diego.

A superb translation from sketch to 3d. :+1:



Man, incredible job! Keep on working and posting :smiley:

…that he has a good dentist! :wink:
Cuty drawings :cool:

Man, Amazing!!!

Yet another great brazillian artist joins the Z-testers. By all means, be welcome! Amazing work on the devourer!

I really expect to see your progress work with the elf. Any update?

Thanks everybody!

I’m so glad to know that everybody like it!

raducoc - Yes I’m doing the elf!

I’d like to show it just when I was finished, but I decided to post this wip of the head yet!! There will be a lot of work yet, but that’s a good preview!

Hope you like it!


Very nice work.:+1: Frenchy has a point about the dental work.:wink:

Looking forward to seeing the finished elf.