ZBRUSH 3.5 UV Unwrapping Tutorial Video-"Mastering UV Master"

Hi All,

I just made a extensive ZBrush 3.5 Tutorial Video for UV Unwrapping.:smiley:

The video shows how to use the new UV MASTER Plugin Available for free download at the pixologic website.


Topics Covered:

-1 Click UV Unwrapping
-Symmetrical UV Editing
-Control Painting
-Ambient Occlusion UV Unwrapping
-Density UV Editing Preset Editor
-Work on Clone Feature
-Copy and Paste UV Buttons
-Check UV Seams and Clear Maps Feature
-How to Combine UV Masters different types of UV Unwrapping Features together for more control over your UV’s
-Polygroup UV Unwrapping
-Polypaint UV Unwrapping
-Masking UV Unwrapping
-ZSphere UV Unwrapping
-Examples of how to unwrap different types of characters from basic low poly meshes to more high poly more complicated characters.
-How to use an external 3D Application in combination with UV Master Plugin to create much cleaner UV Unwrapping in ZBrush.
-How to Delete a UV Map off your mesh.
-How to Edit a UV Map in Flatten Mode using ZBrush’s Move Brush
-How to Export a UV Map to another 3D program for UV Editing and how to re-import back again with the new changes to the UV.
-Create UV Maps in ZBrush easily to use in your tradiional 3D Animation Package. In most other 3D Packages UV Mapping is a very time consuming process. Speed up your productional pipeline with the techniques in this powerful training video.

Basically an A to Z course on all the new UV Unwrapping possiblities/techniques in ZBrush 3.5 using the new UV Master Plug-in.

*Running Time: 3 hrs 45 mins-Approx.


hey…advertise on some other forum unless what your offering is free.

Come on, mate!!!
The plugin is free, and you’re gonna charge money for a tutorial?

Hi there,

Actually we do have some free tutorials coming out soon and I’ve done things like Free 4 hour Webinars on 3D training.

So goto our website and sign-up for our newsletter and you get links to free videos and assets(Models/textures,etc…).

Take Care,
Adam Gibson

I purchased Adam’s UV Master video from Kurv Studios. It is well produced and Adam does a great job of explaining the features of the plug-in. Unfortunately, Kurv Studios did not include the content-object files, models, etc…
Adam is working towards rectifying the problem.

Please Show Proof of Purchase from Kurv.

Send US PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION ID, Phone Numbers, Physical Mailing Address, etc…All personal ID that you send will greatly help.

Adam Gibson

I will provide all necessary info about the transaction.
Thank you.

Hi Robert,

I received your email. Once again I need your 1) phone number(s), 2) full physical mailing address, 3) and exact scans/copies of your receipt from Kurv Studios.

I am having problems with your emails bouncing back to me…and if I can contact you by phone we can resolve this today. If you really have purchased this product I do want to help you.

Please send me every possible piece of contact info that you can give me.

The problem with this situation is that we do have access to information we need to prove that you have bought this training material. Please send the above and I will call you today.

Thank-you Robert,


Hi Robert,

I have received all your information. Thank-you. I just tried to email you but your email address is bouncing my emails to you right back to me again.

All I need is a landline phone number that I can call you on as Liberty3D has had mnay attempts lately with people trying to commit fraud using cell numbers that we can not trace back to a mailing address.

Thank-you for your cell number, but with a cell number I can not verify your physical mailing address.

I’m very sorry for all the red-tape. If you would have ordered from us directly this would never have happened. This is not your fault and I am sorry.

Please send me your landline phone number and I will call you as soon as I receive it.

Thanks Robert,


Adam Gibson has completely solved the problem of the missing content for this video. After I submitted the necessary proof of purchase, he called me personally to work out the details. He’s is a gentleman and a real professional! I’ll be happy to deal with him again.