*** ZBrush 3.5 Release 2 for Windows is now available

ZBrush 3.5 Release 2 is now available to download

ZBrush 3.5R2 contains the following new additions, updates and fixes…


:small_blue_diamond: New “Auto Groups With UV” option added which allows for auto-grouping by mesh (shells) and UV (islands) combined continuity.

:small_blue_diamond: Added option to allow object to rotate around its local center. To activate, press the “Align To Object” option in the Draw palette. Note: This button is stored when you save the custom config file.

:small_blue_diamond: Added a 2nd Flatten brush (similar to the Flatten brush found in version ZBrush 3.1).

:small_blue_diamond: A Preferences/LightBox option added to turn on or off LightBox at startup.


:large_orange_diamond: Increased smoothing strength of the default Smooth brush.

:large_orange_diamond: Masking can now be applied with LazyMouse with or without Backtrack modes.

:large_orange_diamond: Increased the tolerance to mouse/pen movement when assigning Hot Keys.

:large_orange_diamond: The transparent button is now enabled even if the current tool contains only one subtool. This allows ghosted transparency to be activated when entering HD edit mode.

:large_orange_diamond: The sampling value of the ZProject brush is now zero by default.


:red_circle:It is now possible to generate adaptive displacement and normal maps even when the mesh is partially hidden.

:red_circle:The “Show Mask” option will auto-activate when applying masking in Transpose mode.

:red_circle:ZBrush activation code has been updated to be less sensitive to hardware changes.

:red_circle:ZBrush can now auto-group by UV Tiles even if the Tiles resides in the negative UV space.

:red_circle:Fixed the 2.5D Blur brush with ZAdd mode.

[color=red]These following instructions only apply to people who have the original release ZBrush 3.5

Anyone who purchases ZBrush or redeems their upgrade link from this point forward will receive the new version automatically.

If your folder is already named ZBrush 3.5R2 then you have the most current version and do not need to install this update.


If you currently have activated ZBrush 3.5 on your system, you may want to first deactivate it by using the Web Deactivation
button found in the Zplugins palette. When done, continue with the following steps…

:white_small_square: Download ZBrush using the link that was sent to you AFTER you upgraded. This is in the same email that has your ZBrush 3.5 serial number. The initial upgrade link that was sent to you cannot be used again. You can delete that email. The only email that you need to keep is the one that you received after upgrading. This second email has your cleverbridge reference number, serial number, and also the download link that you need to get 3.5R2.

:white_small_square: Extract the Zip file and Move the ZBrush 3.5R2 to your preferred location. (Usually, the Program Files\Pixologic folder)

:white_small_square: Open the ZBrush 3.5R2 folder and run ZBrush. (For Vista and Win 7 users, right-click on the ZBrush icon and select “Run as administrator”. )

:white_small_square: When presented with the activation window, click on “Web Activation” in order to activate ZBrush immediately online. (For fastest completion of your activation, copy the key from the web page, return to ZBrush and click the “Enter Code” button. )

Questions and Troubleshooting for ZBrush 3.5 should be posted in the Q&T forum

Note: The download link you’re looking for looks like this:

whoa, what a surprise and it seems im the first :smiley: THx a lot

Okey dokey

Awesome, downloading now…I did not see this coming :slight_smile:

Pixologic FTW!

nice. :slight_smile: …is this going to be emailed, or is it in the support downloads?

So, where is the download link…? I recently upgraded to 3.5 which is spectacular…

WOW!!! what a big surprise!!! REALLY Thanks for that Pixologic!

Does this apply to those that couldn’t keep an active activation when they disconnected from the Internet? I realize this is an update, but should we try the normal web activation?

Yes, ZBrush activation code has been updated to be less sensitive to hardware changes.

Excellent. Pixologic is always working to give us a better life :slight_smile: A big thank you!

Nice. Although I haven’t even been able to activate 3.5 r1 :frowning:

Downloaded and activated … thanks !!

this sucks:confused: :frowning: :mad: :frowning:

Hi, first thanks for the update. But second I’m afraid the Flatten brushes are now it seems even further from the 3.1 flatten brush!

In 3.5 R1 you could sort of emulate the 3.1 one with enough smoothing and stabilizing, but now changing that value isn’t enough, the points still get splayed and the flatten brush itself seems to create more bumps than it removes when working across slightly bumpy geometry.

An easy way to see the difference is just draw out a horizontal stroke on a sphere with the standard brush, go over it a couple of times to make it deeper, then enable the flatten brush and draw over the ridge vertically, with 3.5 it pinches and moves the edge of the top of the stroke bahind the brush because it’s just doing a simple “normal” move, if you keep going over the edge back and forth it’ll only accentuate the problem, it never smooths down to flat. With the old 3.1 flatten brush the result was that it smoothed down the stroke, there was a tiny amount of movement backwards from the stroke, but mostly it was just flattening as the name suggested, the old brush allowed you to really create nice smooth curves that don’t seem so readily possible with 3.5 so far (it was one of my most used brushes).

Got the latest and greatest… will take it out for a spin.
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i have turned fuc!@@@@ green!!!



c’mon pixie boyz please!!!

Thanks, guys. Painless deactivation and reactivation.

and here was me thinking that you guys would be taking a bit of a rest after the weekends exertions …

bravo …

thx …

:frowning: more windows updates :frowning: is there an estimated time for the mac realease?

Okay, just to clarify, do I have to deactivate 3.5 first before the download link works properly? Because that link is still linking me to ZBrush 3_5.zip and not ZBrush3.5R2.zip.