ZBrush 2022 FAQ

This category is the place to ask questions concerning ZBrush 2022.

First, please be sure to read this FAQ topic. We will be updating it regularly, as new items become available.

If your question or issue is not covered in the FAQ, please start a new topic in the ZBrush 2022 Usage Questions category.

ZBrush 2022 is now officially launched. To upgrade to it from an earlier version, follow the instructions in this article. For most users, it’s as simple as downloading the new installer from My Licenses.

Thank you!

The most commonly asked questions are answered here:

Q: What are the release notes for ZBrush 2022?
A: See Here.

Q: I have a ZBrush subscription. Am I able to upgrade?
A: Yes. Subscriptions automatically provide free upgrades for each new version as they come out while your subscription remains in effect.

Q: I have a ZBrush perpetual license. Can I upgrade?
A: Yes. ZBrush 2022 is a free upgrade for all registered license users. Even though perpetual licenses guarantee free upgrades for only one year from date of purchase, we have never yet charged for an upgrade and ZBrush 2022 continues that tradition.

Q: Can I upgrade ZBrushCore to ZBrush 2022?
A: ZBrushCore and ZBrush are separate products. ZBrushCore users are eligible for a free upgrade to ZBrushCore 2021.6.6. To use ZBrush 2022 you would need to Move Up to ZBrush.

Q: Why does ZUpgrader say that no update is available?
A: ZUpgrader can only update between point numbers within a ZBrush version. For example, from 2021.5.1 to 2021.7.1. It cannot update between full version numbers such as from ZBrush 2021 to ZBrush 2022. You must download the full installer from My Licenses.

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I… have a better one.
Where the hell did you guys put the export button!? hahaha
Its not in Tools anymore!

EDIT: Nevermind… Apparently its a weird bug… its where its always been but… there is a “Grp” button on top hidding it…? It also makes it unusable!

Every time I select the snake hook brush, it turns on dynamic brush size. I turn it off, then go to a different brush, return to snake hook, and it’s back on. Is there a way to turn it off, and keep it off?

If you save the brush after changing that, does it do it still?