ZBrush 2021 with a Tablet

Having upgraded and unistalled all older version, I’ve found that trying to use ZB2021 on a pen touch monitor, it doesn’t work as intended.

I use the XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro and had an extensive chat with tech because the pen will not open any menus in extended mode on monitor 2. It appears that wacom and Huion may also be the same, as informed by them but cannot vouch.

Is anyone able to test older version as I cannot download from my account.

Not sure if this is a Driver issue or ZB issue



Hello @rachel

According to this Support article of known issues for 2021, Windows Ink is the largest culprit currently known for tablet performance problems. It is recommended to disable this feature. It is not a universal problem–my Wacom tablet works as expected in both 2021 and the previous version.

Beyond that, you will need to contact Pixologic Support for issues of this nature.

Good luck!

Hi Spyndel, thanks very much for this reply and info. After doing what you suggested the screen and pen now work perfectly.

Thank youvery much.