ZBrush 2021 White blank screen at launch

I never had an issue with any version of ZBrush. ZBrush 2019.1 is running without a problem. But the 2021 always gives me the white screen and running wheel. I reinstalled, deleted the DATA folder… Anyone else experiencing that?

Hello @matejkovacic

Sorry you’re having some trouble.

Make sure you are following ALL instructions when downloading and installing ZBrush–including the disabling of Antivirus. Try to download a fresh installer–they can become corrupted.

In addition, here are the known causes for “White Screen at launch” in previous version of ZBrush. Perhaps something there is applicable.

Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll need to contact Pixologic Support.

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@matejkovacic I also experienced this with 2021. I had reinstalled Windows just before the 2021 update launched so I know there’s very little in the way of conflicts on my system to cause this.

I don’t seem to have the issue anymore, however this may be because I noticed if I waited a few minutes (from a fresh boot up) until other startup programs that are also on the same drive (HDD) as ZBrush had definitely loaded that the white screen didn’t happen for me.

The times it did fail, killing the task and relaunching tended to fix things by (at most) the third attempt/first reboot.

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