Zbrush 2021 Beta Testing - Morty the Rat

I started this character during one of my streams in the Zbrush live channel back in 2019
but I wasnt really happy with the wrinkles of the suit

So during the beta testing of Zbrush 2021 I wanted to try doing the wrinkles using the new Dynamics and Cloth brushes and I was able to do something that look good quite fast and not only that but pose the character using tranpose cloth.
Final Render

Color Variations

New wrinkles using the new features
I duplicated the mesh and then to the new one applied gravity , since I already had some wrinkles I used Cloth nudge, pull and move to adjust the new wrinkles on the suit.

Original sculpture from 2019



Good stuff Oscar! Keep rocking :metal:

Cool concept! Thanks for sharing