ZBrush 2019!

Maybe you’re my long-lost twin brother! :smiley:

I know that the presentation will be impressive and will reveal the true potential of this render style we are seeing but from what i have seen so far the renders don’t look good. This comic or cartoon flat two tone shading style is something i have been able to create within zbrush using some compositing hacks. they still look very CG. I would have wished for something that looked hand made, something that showed the natural variation that human hands produce, like different stroke widths and areas left unfinished, or areas of concentrated brush work. What i am seeing so far is outlined art that looks dead and computer made. Yes it is still better than the 3d model as we see it in Zbrush with a basic matcap shader, and has a use in that sense, but emotive expressive art is something else. Hand drawn lines are difficult to copy. I hope they have moved from look we can make a cel shaded style render to wow that looks alive and that model now looks like it has a story.

Maybe the new tools will include the ability to actually import your maps into zbrush? Been a massive feature missing since the beginning

In the mean time ZBrush 2019 has been unveiled.

Personally I’m most excited about ZRemesher 3.0 and the subtool folders. The new Spotlight features are looking good as well, but I’ll have to see if it will be a tool I’ll be using a lot or not, because it’s such a separate tool with lots of functions and controls of its own.

The new UV tools were remarkably absent in the ZBrush 2019 announcement. I wonder if those will follow in an incremental update or be shifted to next year’s release.

Yeah, i was gonna ask also, the UV tools they showed last year were not rolled out and are not on the Documentaion page either so I bet there is a delay on those…? Folders, Cameras, ZRemesher all awesome BUT UV enhancements I was most excited for with what I do on a daily basis. Hopefully next time.

Peel UV has had to be delayed. We do not currently have an ETA.

Thanks for the update Aurick. No problem as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait to install ZBrush 2019 and have a go at ZRemesher on steroids. :slight_smile: