ZBrush 2019 & GoZ Troubleshooting


I’m posting this thread to hopefully get some insight. My workflow depends heavily upon going between both Maya and ZBrush. The past couple versions I’m noticing a lack of support for GoZ in older Maya versions. I have used Maya 2014 for years and had upgraded to 2018 more recently. I also upgraded to ZBrush 2019 around the same time. I guess my question is, does any else have the same issue? I mean a clear workaround would be to just export and import manually but that’s a pain.

I have googled the topic over and over again. I’ve gotten this to work before in the past but the solution was so convoluted I can’t for the life of me remember. I had just done a new build recently, and want to take an image backup of my workstation but I want to make sure everything is perfect and this is slowing that process down big time.

I have tried most of the solutions I could dig up:

Editing the GoZBrushToMaya.mel, removing Mental Ray and replacing it with the Arnold functions in C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps\Maya.

Sourcing different scripts and lines inside the UserSetup.mel located in C:\Users\USER\Documents\Maya\2018\scripts folder.

Copying the UserSetp.mel from the C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps\Maya into C:\Users\antho\Documents\Maya\2018\scripts was also no help. And the gozMaya.mll I copied into C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\plug-ins.

I’ve gotten it to work before in the past where it would open another instance of Maya, but that doesn’t serve a purpose considering I’m working out of a different scene and project.

Currently, it works when going from Maya 2018 to Zbrush 2019, but it breaks when passing the model back from ZBrush 2019 to Maya 2018. It seems to be writing the file to disk as it explains in the command but the file never makes it back to Maya, lost forever inside a binary void. Or until I delete them.

I’ve even reinstalled ZBrush 2019 and it’s still doing the same thing.

If anybody could possibly shed some light onto this topic that would be fantastic because I don’t know what else to do. At the very least maybe this could lead to a solution that other people experiencing the same problem would be able to get the proper information need for the solution from just one resource.


I found this post in Pixologic’s knowledge base if anyone is wondering.

Currently, there is no support for GoZ inside of Maya 2018.