ZBrush 2019 Beta Testing Vang Cki

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Pixologic i had the opportunity to be a beta tester of ZBRush 2019.

This is some of my researches with the Snapshot 3D.

Great tool for any hardsurface artists like the big brother of shadowbox.

I did some model for kitbash with Snapshot 3D

I as well tried NPR render




Spotlight_03 piece kitbash.jpg


Spotlight_03 crossbow.jpg

weapons_render 01.jpg

weapons_render 02.jpg

imm create with spotlight02.jpg

imm create with spotlight01.jpg




viepowrt RENDER 01.jpg



Then my researches about the new Zremesher

Nice examples!

What CAD software did you use to create the model with the legs? MoI 3D perhaps?

Thank you All models are done with ZBRUSH

Ah, Live Boolean of course. The object with the legs looked like an export from a CAD tool. :slight_smile:

Yes it looks like :slight_smile:

Thanks to live booleand and the new SNAPSHOT 3D tool

and Because may be i used MOI3D in the past.

Did you felt ZBrush more intuitive than CAD?
because I’m on the opposite I’m start with ZBrush but found cad later and it just feel right especially for hard surface.