ZBrush 2019 Beta Testing - Piotr Rusnarczyk

Hi Folks! Some of my images from Zbrush 2019 Beta testing time.
Most of them I’ve created testing new improvement tool like bolean or new zremesher, new work with new layers was just delicious !:wink: About other new tools I was sceptic about new NPR however after few minutes with render filters I’ve just knew that, NPR is my new friend. :wink:








…and some old stuff in npr view :slight_smile:

Hope you will like it !


These are very nice renders, Piotr.
It is very interesting to see you leaving your “comfort zone” of ultra realistic renders and going NPR.
Even though - or because, there are millions of parameters to adjust ( as always in zBrush ) it is not easy to get the beauty of a female face
reproduced in a NPR render. It’s crazy, every tiny little stroke counts the less resolution in shader the more this comes true.
First one works for me best, but nothing is beating your original style :wink:

@Knacki - Thank you so much for kind word about my stuff man! :slight_smile: