ZBrush 2019 Beta Testing : Ara Kermanikian : kermaco

Here are some of the images I worked on while beta testing ZBrush 2019. It’s always an honor and a pleasure working with the Pixologic team to help in the development and testing of their latest version!

Initial thoughts:

ZRemesher 3.0 alone makes this a phenomenal upgrade. It has reduced my manual retopo workload significantly, specifically for models imported from CAD, models produced by ZBrush’s own Live boolean ops and of course, models and parts created with the new Snapshot3D.

As expected, folders have been a HUGE ask to organize models with a lot of subtools and the Pixologic team delivers yet again with a very elegant and itnutive solution. It will help me create more complex models, and also with posing. I revisited one of my older models, the Gargoyle mech, and noticed how much better folders were for organizing and posing the model.

Snapshot3D is miraculous new way of generating models and parts. It unlocks a new level of creativity and allows for rapid design and development of models. Many of my future models will start from Snapshot3D models, it’s a great way to start a model, or add parts to it. It’s also neat to be able to paint out parts like I did with the wings on this model.

I spent some time thinking about Alpha’s I might need for my future workflow with this amazing new capability and quicly created 4 spotlights. I am happy to announce that Pixologic will be shiping most of them with 2019. You will find them in Lightbox under the Spotlights tab.

NPR gives you a new way to visualize your ZBrush models old and new. I had used the toon shading capabilities in ZBrush before, but the new BPR filters make it a quick, automatic and iterative process.

The BPR filters were so inspiring I did a tribute image to one of my favorite childhood graphic novels.

Here are some other renders, I will be posting more of these as time goes on, they are really a treat to work with.

And here are a couple BPRs of Joseph Drust’s awesome new mech, I am testing out transparency and DoF here.

And lastly, the camera is, of course, a long coveted godsend to ZBrush, I can simply click between the different focal lengths to get the right composition, and also match it to cameras in other programs.

Notice how it gives an image a completely different look and feel. Cameras and NPR let us direct graphical novels in 3D, it’s so awsome to be able to do that !!!

If you have any questions, or want to see some of these new features in action, please tune into my stream http://pixologic.com/zbrushlive/author/ara-kermanikian/ on every other Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. PST. The next one will be this Friday the 8th.

Looking forward to what this amazing community is going to create with ZBrush 2019. Thank you so much Pixologic team !!!













NPR transparency test _ 01.jpg

NPR transparency test _ 03.jpg



Great Stuff Ara, your beta testing is so thorough! Digging the Tin Tin too hehe