[ ZBHO - GIDC ] - David - Corey Taylor

Joining a contest for the first time! Not sure how this will turn out, but what the hell…
I’m doing Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stone Sour and will actually do both versions of him in one piece. Not sure which mask I will go with though. Any suggestions, let me know! This first pic is about 30 minutes in from a dynamesh sphere. Will work on his likeness first and foremost, then work the body. The likeness here is only about 15%.



Getting decent definition in so far. Good luck with the competition!

Thanks you!

a little farther along…

a little more. on my way to detailing around the eyes, then it’s on to finer details. I feel I have the main forms pretty much finished though.

Likeness done! moving on to details!

Great man, recognized him at first glance. Really authentic look.
I’d give him one of his early masks, from the time of the selftitled album and Iowa. The ones with the dreadlocks were the best.
I was thinking about slipknot sculpts for a long time as well, one day I will do a Shawn Crahan.
Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man! yeah, I’m going to do one of the original masks from the self-titled. Clown would be awesome to see!

so apparently I had started the thread in the wrong part of the forum… oops. thank you to Aurick and the moderators for moving it for me! Anywho, here are a few updates I missed out on:

finalised details, started to polypaint, and started a quick mask test

mask looks beast

Wow! So much likenessess. GJ!
PS Corey Taylor rock!

polypaint is getting there!